Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nation of Sheep

Did you know that there is now an OBAMA channel on our DishTV satellite system? DishTV has a 24/7 video channel dedicated to the life and times of Farrakhan's new "messiah". I don't know if this is nation-wide but it certainly is in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Where's the MCCAIN-PALIN channel?

I know that fee based television can be moderated by the owners of the network and it is not like the public airwaves. This still stinks and is yet another way our media is in the tank for the "anointed community leader" that has funneled huge amounts of public monies into a bogus education business, is a receiver of bogus loans, has no record, is an empty suit politically and wants to raise my taxes in a recession!

These guys (Obama and Biden) represent all that is wrong with politics and yet are perceived as all that is right. Everything they do is opposite of what they say. I've really grown weary of listening to these guys spout one thing and lie to me at the same time.

I feel like a citizen of Weimar in the the 1920s. The citizens of the Weimar Republic didn't wake up...and look at the result. I'm not advocating violent revolution-yet and am not some freaky militia guy sitting around in my underwear, drinking a beer and plotting the violent overthrow of the US government. It IS time for the folks that pay the bills to get up off their complacent arses and throw the rascals out of ALL branches of federal, state and local governments.

I'm not going to start a 3rd party, that is a colossal waste of time nor am I going to run for office for several years. I'll do what needs to be done, pay my dues/taxes/fees and then run. We need to get moving before our country becomes yet another European Union nation; mired in social programs, taxed to the hilt, its people unable to say NO!

Y'all ready? Let's start by voting on November 4th!

What a Crock!

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