Sunday, May 25, 2008

Have YOU Heard From ROISD Regarding Construction in YOUR Backyard?

Scattershooting....while wondering about the ROISD starting excavation for the new high school before the Red Oak P & Z Board even takes a look at their planning? Don't think anyone in the neighboring housing developments have been contacted about this construction project other than a form letter announcing a P&Z meeting in June. I certainly haven't. Have YOU?

Has the ROISD done its homework as far as noise abatement, light abatement, environmental impact open hearings/studies of construction upon the neighbors on three sides of the new school? I've not seen anything to date and I DO have a dog in THIS hunt.

What about campus security issues? students can leave campus via properties on three sides of the campus as desired. Another larger issue is intruders getting ONTO the campus via three sides of this construction. Students can walk off the campus down my driveway and intruders can walk onto the campus from multiple properties adjacent to my driveway. Other than internal security, has any type of separating wall or steel fence going to be installed? This would be not only address security concerns but would be aesthetically appealing as well to support the property values of communities that border the school? No information on this has been provided to residents to date.

I'm sure the ROISD will give the excuse that "no money has been allocated for this fencing". I'll call BS on this now after being intimately involved in construction of 3 new schools this year; one of which comprises 11 individual buildings on an 18 acre campus. We HAD to fence the property (steel barred fencing) to ensure safety of students. I'm also sure that the "we've got a high tech camera system solution" will be used as well. Been there...done that 3 times last year too. No camera will keep intruders out and students from leaving campus. I won't hold my breath but definitely will voice an opinion at the P&Z, ROISD (if any are held), and Council meetings.

We gave a 95Million dollar "carte blanche" to ROISD. They can afford to build whatever they want...been there done that too!

It seems as if all the ROISD really wanted was our tax money...they have not communicated with the people living adjacent to the new school. It's just bond money, and "won't affect my taxes"(BS x2). A little consideration for the people footing this bill would be appreciated but won't be forthcoming. I guess we're just to roll over like we did for the bond issue.

I guess I shouldn't gritch because "it's for the kids" right?


CM said...

What up eight ball?? Yea its hard not to know they are in the building process, with those huge tractors working all day.

Well any how I will be heading out in about 7 days on that big trip. so can you hold the fort down while I am gone? Ha Ha

CSM said...

Hey Steve on Tuesday July 29th 7:30-8:30 pm ROISD will be holding a community meeting to discuss construction plans at the Red Oak high scool cafeteria.

Steve Miller said...

That's funny that it's on the web site and NONE of the neighbors in the areas bordering the construction (High School) received ANY notification/invitation at all. Typical arrogance-business as usual.
See you there?

CSM said...

You might want to put somthing on everyones door top let them all know.

I might need to go back to school for spelling in my last post. Ha Ha

Amy Hedtke said...

Did you catch the legal notice in the Red Oak Record?

You're getting a temporary concrete batch plant right around the corner.

congratulations ;)

Steve Miller said...

Yeah...we can thank our City Council for approving that one. It really makes living on Pierce extra joyful. We now have road grading equipment working from dawn to dusk (literally) 6 days a week plus the health benefits of concrete batching plant set to the south of us in an environment where the prevailing wind is from the south-making us downwind.
The district had an information meeting to be good neighbors. It was a dog and pony show. I really am ready to run for school board...not that I would win but would actually bring some common sense and education-business experience to the table. Still wouldn't win...I'm not from the good ole' boyz club nor go to the Baptist church everytime it is open.

Steve Miller said...

Well...the district pulled an Obama on us again. They "promised" to not work all night and do, to work reasonable hours on weekends, they don't and to maintain communications with the neighborhoods. That's a joke.
Same old song-same old verse!

But ya''s for the kids right?