Monday, April 14, 2008

'Tis the Season for ROISD Board Election Sleazin'

Just In! Links to Questionable Flier Below

You certainly can tell it's spring in Red Oak. The trees are greening, we get busy and hit that yardwork, and yeah, it's sleazin' time in the board election.

I went to a Red Oak High School function last evening and was greeted on the way out by a friendly supporter of an incumbent board member. He was passing out "vote for me" handouts as we walked out of the function. The incumbent was unable to be present due to a "called board meeting". Ok, I understand being the incumbent gives them all the cards in an election. I did not see Steve Prowell, the challenger at this meeting. Certainly it was an option for the incumbent's supporters; but, I wonder if Mr. Prowell knew about the function and knew that the High School PTA meeting could and would be used as a campaign venue in this case. Somehow I doubt it. I also think Steve would use better discretion as well.

This same tactic was used during the "95 Million Dollar Bond Hype" except this time it's not "for the kids". The question is not what am I complaining about but why did the incumbent who actually didn't need to do this do it? It just didn't pass the "stupid test". I detest sleazy; and this tactic, albeit smooth, WAS sleazy. It was like getting a pamphlet when getting off the airplane at the airport except the guy giving it to you had a nice demeanor and didn't ask for a "donation".

I went out to The Texas State Ethics Board Site and pulled a .pdf document on proper political advertising. The flier I received from the incumbent was obviously a self developed MSWord or MSPublisher document that had no disclosure statements, any origination statements, nor did it follow proper advertising format according to the ethics download. That may seem a little geeky or cantankerous to some readers but dang-it, it's the LAW and all parties must/should adhere to it.
As expected, the incumbent is resting on her education laurels plus is touting her experience in getting the bond past the voters. Mr. Prowell needs to move quickly and get his message out.
I'm supporting Steve and Brandi Prowell plus Elaine Holliday for ROISD School Board. I'm frankly tired of the same junk time in and time out. It's time for some changes and new faces on the board. . I told Steve that I liked the incumbent and frankly thought she did a good job. She or someone representing her just "put out the lights, the party's over" song on for me as to honorable or ethical behavior in a silly school board election. Enough of the way things have been. Hopefully my support won't be a kiss of death for these candidates.

Got any bumper stickers or leave behinds? I'm ready to start knocking on doors in my neighborhood! I'll follow up with a copy of the flier and hopefully a link to the .pdf file from the Ethics Commission.

Folks, this stinks and if is representative of the election rhetoric to come, it will be a bumpy ride.


Amy Hedtke said...

just a quick question:

if a lone supporter makes a flier to hand out w/o checking with the candidate, would there still be sleaze involved, or simply an uneducated supporter doing something they didn't realize was illegal?

Steve Miller said...

Amy seriously,if that was true, it would still be the responsibility of the incumbent candidate to disavow the flier, and apologize to the voters in the media.

It is also incumbent for a candidate to know what is being put out to the public, educate their supporters and keep tabs on when, who, how and where information is given out.

If the challenger had done the same thing by omission or commission, I'd be calling sleaze as well.

Steve Miller

Steve Miller said...

I put links to the flier in .jpeg format on Photobucket. The links are at the bottom of the posting. You please be the judge!

Anonymous said...

Yeah thats an interesting flier, but I really don't think we can make an objective decision on who to vote for until the troops in Iraq weigh in on this race. I'm waiting on them to tell me who to vote for.

Steve Miller said...

Ah...come's "for the kids"! :)

Anonymous said...

It just seems that the incumbents think they are entitled to do anything they want. You have this flier being passed out without anyone giving the other candidate equal opportunity. You have the 8 page glossy promotional brochure that was sent out to Red Oak addresses and arrived in my mailbox May 3rd - a week before school board election. Mr. Anderson & Mr. Lozano , who are running on May 10th, are even pictured in this brochure on pg 3. This brochure was advertising the glories of ROISD and the school board members should get the credit for these successes. And to think the taxpayers foot the bill for this shameless attempt to influence votes. These incumbents will not get my vote...I am tired of unethical behavior!