Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Corn Cobs Are Tools of Choice In Sheriff's Election

I wonder if Ellis County’s corn cob availability levels are on the decline after reading all this crap in the local muckraking media outlets about the Ellis County Sheriff's election ?

It seems as if a lot of folks have cornered the corn cob market with their arses about these two candidates! Man, so much rhetoric-such a little election!

Oh well…April 8th isn’t so far away, this is good for an unpleasant diversion and makes for an alternative to either the “body language segment” on O’Reilly or Dick Morris and Carl Rove nailing the Dem’s coffins shut on a nightly basis. THAT too is getting old or perchance I'm just being a curmudgeon (I'm due...I'm getting AARP letters now)

Jeez…once this is over, what WILL the Presidential race look like here since this Sheriff race is SO damnably important apparently to Ellis County’s continued growth.

Anyone got some fast and sure mud cleaner? Hope y'all have some tall mud proof/BS proof boots. It’s gonna’ be a bumpy election season in Ellis County!

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