Sunday, October 12, 2008

Is McCain Throwing ths Election?

I heard an incredible clip from McCain over the weekend saying that "Obama is not a scary person and he would make a good president." McCain did follow up by saying HE would be the BETTER candidate. I'm getting really antsy about McCain. He was not my candidate of choice and frankly, I am resigned he is the much better choice between a strange modern Republican party and a throwback to the Great Society and New Deal of the past.

Is McCain actually throwing this election? I'll share a "moment of clarity in the fog" I had last night while steamed about McCain's comments...

Are the Republicans employing a longer-term strategy that involves the economic meltdown and quite probable recession/minor depression? Are the Republicans passing on this election cycle, giving the economy's meltdown to the Democrats to repair, having to deal with a resurgent Russia, intransigent Iran and social issues such as government health care with a corresponding multiple Trillion dollar expenditure of taxpayer monies in a shrinking economy?

It seems this may just be the case. Let's apply a little recent history to this issue....
  • President Carter defeats Ford and the economy begins to stagnate, foreign affairs begin to simmer and OPEC causes the "energy crisis".

  • Ronald Reagan begins to ramp up conservative anger over the economy and appeals to nationalism. He wins by tapping into the poor economic situation, "the years of economic malaise" and a Soviet Union that could have conquered most of Western Europe in the 1980s.

  • The Soviet Union dissolves in 1990, the U.S. economy begins to heat up during the '90s and US consumers begin the spending sprees of the 90s extending to the mid 2000s.
What do we have now?
  • Our economic malaise is real. We are looking at a major recessionary period with a possible depression if not handled correctly

  • Energy Crisis-if you aren't economically "pinched", you're doing a hellva' lot better than most of us

  • Resurgent Russia and Iran that are influencing energy markets either by outright intimidation or by support of terrorist destabilization cells
It seems quite plausible that the Republican Party would be glad to allow the Democrats to control the Legislative and Executive Branches to give them all the rope they would need to hang themselves in the short-term. The Republicans could then ride in Ala "Reagan's White Horse" and "fix the country". Palin would then be the first female President in U.S. history while Conservatives would literally own the wheels of ramping up the economy-trust me-Fortune 500 companies are NOT owned by liberal democrats with the exception of GE, the legislative ability to put their agenda into place and the Executive office to ensure their agenda would be not be vetoed.

If this is the case, it's time to start buying gold or other hard currency. The Republicans could be playing with the world's most dynamic economy and most prosperous population for longer-term political goals of establishing conservatism as the dominant political view and crushing liberal or "centrist" politics for the foreseeable future. I smell a Depression and hopefully we can weather it. We cannot weather it with an Obama-Biden-Democratically controlled Congress.

I don't wear an aluminum hat with antenna to detect government signals, don't believe in the Trilateral Commission nor the "shadow government". I do believe in the lessons of history and that politics is a cynical business. We'll see on November 4th. Hopefully, reason will overcome emotion and the voter's heads will overrule their hearts or we're in a world of @#$t for the next four years.

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