Wednesday, October 15, 2008

McCain Lost The Election Tonight!

McCain lost the election tonight. I swear he really doesn't want to be president. I wonder if this is an internal character flaw that allows him to lead to a certain point and then hits him in the head saying "'re OK as a Senator but I really don't know if you want to go the entire mile with this process, Senator. You'll have to deal with Obama on a daily basis anyway in the Senate if you lose". :shock:

This was typical McCain. He's not Bush nor is he as forthcoming as his father-Admiral McCain. His father's shadow was on his shoulder tonight and he just couldn't bring himself to be "better than ole' Dad". It was crystal (not Kristol) clear throughout the discussions.

I'm pissed off at the opportunities missed, the genteelness of McCain when Obama laughs at him and his lack of killer strokes on the abortion issue, Ayers, health care, all that crap trying to illustrate Obama's lack of foreign affairs/world economic experience by pulling the Colombia card, and never...never giving us the 'straight talk" that Obama WILL increase our taxes, impose a Socialist's dream-federally run health care, education directly mandated by and assessed by the Federal government and spreading the wealth.

Why didn't McCain ever ask him why Obama took his entire playbook straight from Sol Linsky's book as Mark Levin opined? I don't think Mc Cain WANTS to be president. I think he's got some deeper issues that relate to his father.

I'll still vote for him but dammit...he had it all to gain and lost it all trying to be all things to all people.

What a pity!

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