Monday, July 2, 2007

What's Wrong With This Picture?

What's wrong with this picture? Where are ANY of the Red Oak Council members and why are they not there?
I read an article today in the electronic version of the Waxahachie Daily Light that discussed Midlothian receiving over $900,000 in grant funding The money will be used for infrastructure and road improvements at Railport Business Park to finalize the economic development package for Burlingame Industries.

The Texas Capital Fund, part of the federal Community Development Block Grant program, was the source of the fund. The fund provides about $10.5 million in competitive awards each year to boost the economic development of small Texas cities and counties (according to the WDL).

Some have called this "corporate welfare. I'm calling it like I see it. The City of Red Oak had a lonely single...that's right...ONE commercial permit last year. We have very little in the way of light business and our Economic Development Board has brought little but restaurants, and service oriented businesses.

What has our city government done to pursue this type of block grant funding to facilitate some light industry in Red Oak. Obviously, they have done little or we would have seen more non residential permits pass through the city offices.

Perhaps our new councilpersons will take a harder look at what our neighbors are doing to bring businesses into Red Oak. It's time to increase the tax base and take a little pressure off the residents. It's also time for the Economic Development Board to be a little more forthcoming and give the public a little more than a brief PowerPoint presentation that repeats the same tired platitudes...Wal Mart, Applebee's, etc.

Did Red Oak pursue this block grant? If not, why not?

It's time to shed little town thinking folks and start asking the hard questions of the council and Economic Development Board members. Where are we going and how are we going to get there? Show us the money and let's see some development and a little less talk about developing a plan for development.
Oh..I forgot...Congratulations Midlothian!


The Ellis County Observer said...

I didn't say I was opposed to corporate welfare in all its forms (I'm becoming quite "centrist" on this issue), but it is in fact corporate welfare.

However, I do believe you'll see a lot of the benefits of I-35 being widened -- after the construction.

I picture office buildings dotting the side of the highway. That's of course if the council will get rid of their misguided three-story height rule.

I'd love to see Red Oak become the Richardson of our county.

Anonymous said...

Some other things Midlothian is doing...

Anonymous said...

Some other things Midlothian is doingtxq

APW said...

It does seem as though the surrounding cities are on the move and RO is sitting still.....


Steve Miller said...

APW would you please drop me a line at


APW said...

Steve, I have e-mailed you. Are you not getting them?