Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wachovia Bank Robbery-The "Real Deal"

I received a copy of the official media release about the Wachovia Bank Robbery. There's more to this incident than you received via the local media sources-print, voice or video/voice. You won't get this on any other blog or on the "tele"!!

Red Oak Police Department
547 North Methodist St.
Red Oak Texas 75154
972/617-7632 Fax 972/617-8239

To All Media, June 29, 2007

On June 21, 2007, the Red Oak Police Department received information from Wachovia Bank of a suspicious person inside their Bank. The subject was described as a black male wearing sunglasses and a ball cap. When asked if he needed assistance, he stated no. The subject exited the bank. A Wachovia employee attempted to get his license plate number. The subject was driving a late model Chevy Impala with no licenses plates on the front or rear of the vehicle. He left Wachovia headed west bound on Ovilla Road. A short time later, the Red Oak Police Department received information from Prosperity Bank that the same subject had just left their Bank.

The Red Oak Police Department then issued a BOLO to surrounding Police Agencies detailing the listed events at both Bank locations. Officers from the Red Oak Police Department met with all Bank Officials in Red Oak explaining the potential of a future Bank Robbery. It was decided by Bank Officials and Red Oak Officers that a Red Oak Police Officer would be placed at each Bank location the next day, Friday, June 22nd. Bank Officials were then given the option to place Security at their location to prevent any future problems.

On June28, 2007 at approximately 1455 hours, the Red Oak Police Department received a call from the Wachovia Bank Branch Manager who stated the same subject was inside his Bank. Officers were then dispatched to Wachovia Bank. While heading east bound on Ovilla Road, Officers from the Red Oak Police Department observed the suspect’s vehicle, (a maroon late model Chevy Impala), heading west bound on Ovilla Road. Red Oak Officers turned around on the suspect’s vehicle and attempted to initiate a traffic stop. The suspect refused to stop and a pursuit ensued. The suspect continued west on Ovilla Road then turning north on Houston School Road. The suspect then turned west on Cedar Ridge continuing around several corners then coming to a stop after crashing into a fence at 415 Oak Dell. The black male suspect was taken into custody without incident. The suspect advised Red Oak Officers that a Wachovia Employee was involved. He further stated that a second suspect may still be at Wachovia Bank. When asked where they were supposed to meet, the suspect stated they were going to meet a Wal-Mart in Lancaster and would be meeting with a third suspect. The suspect gave a description of all suspects including the name of a Wachovia employee. The suspect information along with the car he was driving was given to Lancaster PD. A few minutes later, Lancaster PD located a subject and vehicle fitting the description given. The subject was taken into custody and later transported to the Red Oak Police Department. During an interview conducted by the FBI, it was determined that this subject was not involved in this Incident and was later released.

At approximately 1500, the Red Oak Police Department received a 911 call from Wachovia Bank in Red Oak. The caller advised that Wachovia Bank had just been robbed. Several Red Oak Officers at 415 Oak Dell left this location and proceeded to Wachovia Bank. Three Officers remained at 415 Oak Dell with the suspect.

Once Red Oak Officers arrived at Wachovia Bank, a perimeter was set in place. The information given by the suspect in custody, lead Officers to believe that there could possibly be other suspects still in the Bank. For the safety of the Citizens in the Bank, entry was not made at that time until further information could be ascertained. The FBI was then contacted by the Red Oak Police Department and all information was given to the FBI Agent in charge. Red Oak Police Officers along with assisting Agencies were instructed to maintain the perimeter until the arrival of the FBI. Red Oak Police Officers along with the help of the Lancaster Police Department, Ellis County Sheriff’s Office, Ellis County Constable’s Office, and Department of Public Safety maintained this task.

While en-route, FBI agents were briefed on the situation. Phone contact was then made with the occupants of Wachovia Bank. A Red Oak Officer maintained contact with Bank Personnel until the arrival of the FBI. Once on scene, they were briefed by the Red Oak Officer having phone contact with Bank Personnel.

At this point, the Incident was turned over to FBI. The Red Oak Police Department along with several other Agencies assisted the FBI with operations. FBI Crisis Negotiation members then made phone contact with Bank Personnel and agreed on a surrender and exit plan. FBI SWAT Team members assisted all persons from the bank. They were then transported to the Red Oak Police Department. FBI interviewed all Bank employees. It was determined by the FBI that a Bank employee was a possible suspect in the Robbery. She was then placed into custody. All other Bank employees were released by the FBI. Both suspects remain in FBI custody. The Red Oak Police Department along with other Agencies continued to assist the FBI until the situation was resolved.

Red Oak Police Department would like to express out gratitude to Red Oak Fire Personnel, Ovilla Fire Personnel, DeSoto Fire Personnel, Lancaster Police Dept, Ellis County Sheriffs Dept, Ellis County Constables, Texas Department of Public Safety, Dallas Police Dept, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for their assistance in this incident. We would also like to thank all of the citizens that were affected by this for their patience and cooperation.

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