Saturday, June 30, 2007

Whining About My Stupid Post-Anonymous Poster Said...

Thought I'd post an anonymous poster's response to my having a little fun on my own blog...geez...what an original thought....having fun on the Internet. One knows the Internet is a serious place right? Additionally, blogs aren't for personal use, personal expression and personal views, correct?...I'll wait to flame it below....

Anonymous said:
Was that suppose to be funny? And you spelled Kris Reeder's name wrong. Hey don't quit your day job. Just wondering, but have you noticed that most of your comments on your pages lately are coming from you? I was just wondering...I read your page everyday, but it's not as good as some of your early blogs, maybe you are just putting too much BEN and CASEY crap and it's getting old. One more question, how old are you? Some of your comments sound like your kids are writing " chump a$$ punk" for example

Steve Yawns, drinks a little coffee and types:
Anon...I couldn't care less. This blog IS for case you haven't figured out the purpose of a blog. It's not a newspaper for you nor anything more than a personal take on how I view things. Frankly...if you don't like it, don't read it. I'm not paid for this, I have a GREAT day job and do this because I choose to.

Let me illustrate the obvious for you...if all there is to comment on right now is a choice between stupid references to a bank robbery and how high the grass grows in Red Oak or something really stupid like Paris Hilton....I'll choose the former. I'm not Joey Dauben and don't have the professional time to devote to a multi-site, multi-editor system of blogs. If you want to be the local wag and dig up some stuff, please feel free to put it here in the comments section or go to and start your own blog.

As far as me being piqued that I'm the only one reading it, do you think I live on the blog? Give me a break. You don't need to worry at all that I'm remotely concerned. I have far too much to do in "real life" (this IS the Internet you know)to give much more than a tinker's dam about it.

Oh, by the way, who died and made you my online spelling teacher anyway? It's "supposed", not "suppose". Which one are you in this case...the pot or the kettle calling each other black?

Thanks for the good post Anon...keep those virtual cards and letters coming.... :<)


Anonymous said...

I just thought if you were hanging out with someone, you could at least know how to spell their name correctly. And if you want this to be such a private blog, then why do you have links on the Red Oak Observer? I figured that meant you wanted others to come on here and read what you wrote and comment, but maybe I was wrong. Because you seem to get a little ticked when anyone says something negative. If you don't wish for others to comment anything negative, maybe you should not blog and advertise on other blogs.
This kinda leaves you open for others to comment your blogs.

Steve Miller said...

Thanks for your post

The Ellis County Observer said...

I've not seen a link to the RO Observer, Anonymous.

Steve, keep it up. People who criticize behind an Anonymous name aren't worth the time, but it is fun to keep them stirred up...


APW said...

You are doing a great job Steve!!!
But what do I know, I'm A Poor Writer.