Friday, June 29, 2007

Breaking News.....BEN, Casey and Chris Reeder Did It...But we all knew that anyway right? :<)

I can see Ben, Casey and Chris Reeder...they're running out of the back of the bank chasing Ken Pfiefer and the Littles! Who's got the money? Where's the L-T/Acting Chief? Where's the beef?
See, I KNEW it was all their fault! :<)
Check out the HD "on the scene chopper" video clip:

Way too much time on my hands today...all in jest folks...all in jest! :<)

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Anonymous said...

Was that suppose to be funny? And you spelled Kris Reeder's name wrong. Hey don't quit your day job. Just wondering, but have you noticed that most of your comments on your pages lately are coming from you? I was just wondering...I read your page everyday, but it's not as good as some of your early blogs, maybe you are just putting too much BEN and CASEY crap and it's getting old. One more question, how old are you? Some of your comments sound like your kids are writing " chump a$$ punk" for example.