Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lazy, Hazy but not so Crazy Days of Summer

Scattershooting....while wondering what ever happened to the ROISD Bond Oversight Committee? This was a highly touted organization of "experienced and Red Oak elite (an oxymoron)". Its job, to make the 95 Million dollar bill you and I are paying on palatable for the general populace. Haven't heard anything about the who, what, when about the committee. Lord knows, I certainly was not invited although my professional credentials beg the discussion. Must have been my open, loud and persistent opposition to the the bond offering? Nah...that would have been in a normal time. This is the Lazy, Hazy but not so Crazy Days of Summer in Red Oak.

Midlothian's Bond Oversight Committee membership and organization has been published and is a matter of public record. Curiously, I've not seen anything in the local print rags that resembles an org. chart nor even a hen-scratched list on the back of a napkin from Bubba's BBQ. Nope, I can't find it on the ROISD web site either. The old homepage is there but they've changed vendors again so if things work according to plan, we should be able to access the site in about six months after everyone "learns the system"-AGAIN. Another confirmation that letting sleeping dogs lie after a successful election will lull the voters into a stupor. My eyes are getting heavy right now.... :<)

Don't forget's only YOUR money. Don't whine here when you get your tax valuation and your school taxes are more than 3-4 month's mortgage. Ready to see what that does to your escrow requirements as it is tacked on with the new county assessment? I'll hear all sorts of garbage about my lack of knowledge of the issue, layman's understanding of the mortgage industry, ad-nauseum. That's all true....all I do is work my butt off and deposit the check. It's OK, "It's for the Kids" right? Sucker...

I do believe we all were played on this one. After all the money that was spent, noise that was made, backs slapped, hand shakes, and miscellaneous "zippitteedoodahs", ROISD has gone back into it's classic "no information is all the information we give the voters" What a thank you note for passing the bond.

No conspiracy search on my part, just a simple question about the who, what, when, where in the Lazy, Hazy and not so Crazy Days of Summer in Red Oak.

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