Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Little Toddie and the Phantom Baylor Red Oak Vote

Color me a newbie around here but I'll be "dawged" if I can find any references to a Red Oak City Council vote about a possible Baylor Hospital in Red Oak. A blog poster said upfront that councilpersons Ben Goodwyn and Casey Hargrove voted against it because it was on Little Toddie's papa's property.
Folks, I'm callin' BS pure and simple on that one. Maybe one of you more enlightened souls could point me in the right direction (the infernal regions are not an option...I have my get out of hell free card. ...see?)

There is nothing in the minutes about this proposal and its subsequent defeat. We all know the old adage about what walks and what talks...well....on this one there's a WHOLE LOTTA" Walkin' Goin' On!

Sounds like someone from Little Toddie's "Gang of Four" just threw something stinky against the wall to see if it would stick. How 'bout it Little Toddie? Care to post under your own name for a change and let's set the record straight since I'm in Ben Goodwyn's pocket, a Ben Goodwyn "hack" and a "Ben-lover" (definitely not...I'm not THAT kind of duck). Here's your chance...inquirin' minds (mine) wanna' know. :<)


Anonymous said...

You know that little toddie wouldn't post under his own name. Honestly, he probably has someone on the payroll posting for him. I'm sure he isn't smart enough to know how to use a computer.......


Steve Miller said...

tough crowd tonight!

I figure he won't respond because he already told me I was uneducated and by inference was below his intellectual level.
Oh well like I am losing any sleep over it.

Anonymous said...

My wife who works in HR at the main Baylor (downtown Dallas)
Checked into it today there is no Hospital planned for Red Oak at this time or in the near future. Baylor has to get the Waxahachie Baylor to generate more money and be more profitable first.

Steve Miller said... didn't stick and took a walk!
At least here we don't run with silly rumors but it was easy to poke fun at Little Toddie... :<)