Thursday, June 14, 2007

Walk Softly and Carry a BIG Economic Stick!

I received an interesting response to the Monday night "drama-fest" at the Council meeting.

I'm posting my second response to an anonymous (as usual, a Viet Cong blogger) call for me to play fair and not be Ben Goodwyn's and Casey Hargrove's cheerleader, back-pocket liner, hack, Ben-lover, Ben and Casey's bootie-boy?, or whatever folks whose candidate lost the run-off feel they should call me at the moment. Here's what I think and how this blog will get handled. Hopefully, this makes things clear

Anon...I wanted to break my responses into two parts to make it easier reading for all...

As far as the Little's owning land...I don't care less that they do...I DO care if an elected position is utilized as leverage in development of an area such as the SW quadrant. That goes for the Mayor, Council, or ANY elected position in RO.

If you have specific examples of Casey Hargrove or his father using his council seat as leverage, please post them with your real name or don't post them at all on this blog. Show us the list and I'll roast Casey just as well-done as you claim I should.

The ball's in your court us whatcha''s crap or get off the pot.

If anyone has specific examples of Red Oak elected officials misusing, abusing, applying inappropriate political pressure or just plain using their elected position for economic gain, please send them to me with your real name. I post under my real name and if you want to roast someone here, you will need to have the cojones to do the same. Sorta' like sending a letter to the editor in any of the local print must include your name and city on the letter to be published. We'll follow that process here too....unlike some other blogs...just to be different and a step above the norm.

If you just can't go this route, you really should get a big dose of "Git over It!", buck up and be an adult and post with your name anyway. :<)


Anonymous said...

If we showed you the proof you ask for, you would just look the other way or believe whatever smoke Ben, Casey and the others blew up your butt. You are not openminded. People can bad mouth Joey and his site, but at least he tells it like it is, no matter if they are his friends or not. People say you are not posting all comments on here, just the ones you can argue with or try to shoot down.

jonathan blundell said...

Don't live in Red Oak but I'm enjoying the blog. You're doing a good job. Keep it up.

Steve Miller said...

Another Viet Cong blogger said... If we showed you the proof you ask for, you would just look the other nauseum.

Nice deflection try bucko....You must be a simpleton. Bring me some specific facts and post your damn name. How simple is that? Leave the topic deflection shots at the door. They just don't work here.

anon is looking for some "cheese with his whine" when he wrote..."People say you are not posting all comments on here, just the ones you can argue with or try to shoot down.

I post everything. I moderate it to keep out porn, and really nasty usage. I review the moderation page in the AM before work, midmorning if I'm free to do so and in the evening after work.

Your comment reeks of whining and is based upon a misguided generality. Please resend any post that you KNOW didn't get posted.

"People say" is another phrase for "I say" in the Viet Cong blogger lexicon. It's a smokescreen for either your inability to deal with what is posted, inability to post cogent or intellegent responses, or you're frankly delusional. You make the call Anon. I'm moving forward.

Using "People say" is a way to garner fictitious support/or a base for spurious arguments. Leave that junk on your machine and please feel free to post it on other blogs.

If you don't have the brass to post your name and specific issues, you probably WILL be offended here. This is not the Ellis County Chronicle nor the Waxahachie Daily Light...home of the "sweetness and smiley faced stories".

To be redundant, you should take a big dose of "Git over it" and move forward too.

Show me the money Anon, give us some specific facts and post your name. I'll leave you alone when you do.

I don't think you've got a pair or you would have already done so on all counts. :<)

APW said...

My oh my!!! If you ask me mr. anonymous sounds like a cool-aid drinking, bed wetting,.....well you know!