Friday, November 7, 2008

Come on Mr. President-Bring on da' Jubilee!

The Flim Flam Man won! We've elected ourselves the ultimate empty suit.

I watched NBC reporters cry with joy like the Hebrews must have done when they got the news that Pharoah was cutting them loose to roam the desert.

I watched Fox News get completely "dissed" at the Prez' first news conference that had nothing of substance to it....a hint of the next four years.

Superbama will attempt to send all of us a "stimulus check" (like it is HIS damned money in the first place to give back to me-a taxpayer that pays HIS freekin' salary). Everyone will hail this as a genius move to kick start the economy.

Superbama has his hands full and the public only has an inkling' about a small piece of it. The economy is just one ball for him to juggle. He got his first security briefing today as Prez-elect. If that didn't "man him up" to the real world, we're all in la munda de caca!

Hopefully he will bring on the Jubilee! He's the Prez-elect now but I do not trust, believe in nor do I support his Sol Linsky plan to change America. Maybe he will prove to be JFKII. I doubt it.

I voted for the other ticket...I can bitch and moan for the NEXT FOUR YEARS! I definitely will start working in the local Republican Party apparatus. Sure they got their arses handed to them, but after four years of Pelosi-Reed-Prezident O, the Republicans can pull a Ronny Ray-Gun again and ride in on the white horse. God knows what shape the country will be in then. Can't be any worse than the Carter years or could it!

Bring on the Jubliee...I ain't believin and "yes we can-si se puede"? Nope it won't happen unless it happens on the backs of normal folks like us that pay the bills, our taxes on time, get up and WORK, and do our "drone" things on a daily basis.


Amy Hedtke said...

well, go ahead and tell him what you think--

The Office of the President-Elect!

There's a place to submit your comments to Citizen Obama.

I don't consider the phrase 'of the people, by the people' as being
synonymous w/ 'mandated by the gvt, enforced by the gvt.'

my biggest problem w/ this page tho is Obama rewriting history: after 9/11 Bush didn't NEED to rally the American people to DO anything. The American people responded *without the
gvt needing to tell them* because that's what Americans do.
[he told them to go shopping?]

Is community service a good thing?
But if you are receiving a monetary benefit it's a JOB, not a *voluntary* SERVICE.

and for everyone wanting more info about the Office of the President Elect, check out this blog:

Steve Miller said...

Thanks for your comment! This blog is great therapy. :) I'm gonna' need it in the next 4...oops I meant 8 years.

Steve Miller said...

Obama is a Marxist. He really believes that HE and others of his ilk understand history, can direct and lead us (by the nostrils)better than we can take care of ourselves.
Revisionist history? You ain't seen nuthin' yet. I'm posting his first foreign policy faux pas and it's only been less than a week!
Obama and the not-Centrists have already placed Poland square arsed in the middle between a rearming Russia and a flabby Western Europe that has already had years of Obama-like politcs. More in a few....