Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hugley Wins!

It's official! Alan Hugley is the new mayor of Red Oak. Congrats to Alan, his family and the super-hard work done "in the trenches" by Chris Moses and others to bring this election home.

The campaigns were run on the high side with mutual respect being the fresh exception in local city politics. This cooperative spirit should carry over into city business as Alan takes the reins. He'll work just fine with the new city manager and Police Chief.

Good Race and Well Done! We'll be watching to see that positive things get done!

The vote count:

Hugley: 221 votes

Hodson: 120 votes

Smiley: 12 votes


CSM said...

I am glad to see that Red Oak voters made the right choice! Red Oak citizens will be proud to have Alan leading the city.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that if (and I certainly hope its true)Alan is not influenced by Ben...then I see that it was a win-win contest. Both Alan and Dan seem to be good decent men. I loved the clean race. What a refreshing campaign with no attacking the other person. Maybe the future for Red Oak is on the move upward...just keep the codes and keep the XXX businesses out so we can be proud to live here and to have our children grow and be nurtured here. I don't buy into the "it takes a village" completely, but I do believe "the village" has a huge responsibility to the youth who are our future.

Anonymous said...

YEA you are right Alan is not influenced by Ben. The Alan will prove to everyone he is his own man.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please politely ask Mayor Hugely to stop letting his kids participate in adult governmental meetings? Kids should be seen and not heard, especially in politics. I've lost a little respect for him because he continually allows it. When my kids were little, they were at home, not running goverment meetings.