Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Scattershooting while thinking about Hillary Clinton's claim of being a Kulak and "of the people".

Scattershooting while thinking about Hillary Clinton's claim to be a "person of the people"(Iowa farmer). A portrait of Josef Stalin "working with the kulaks" in the 30's comes to mind. Whew...interesting mental vision and disturbing comparison.

Heres the link:

The discussion of the tax increase was interesting at the Council meeting last night. Every councilperson came out as anti-increase. We should wear flip-flops to the next Council meeting in which a tax increase is discussed in protest of the flip-flopping by council members.

Don't think an increase is coming...the 600K budget deficit was trimmed to almost a break even point according to staff and a couple of councilpersons. Geez...I hope this isn't more "vapor-budget numbers" as was posted by previous administrators. If so, the Interim City Manager will be the Ex-City Manager "with a quickness". :<)

We had a medium-sized "oops moment" last night....not a big one but about mid-sized....

...On the publishing of the tax rate, the council found out from their attorneys that effective in 2001 every city is required to post the maximum tax rate without a roll back every year even if they keep the same rate. So while this is new to us, we have been posting this illegally for the last 5 years.

Yep, one "woulda' thunk" that the previous city attorneys would have picked up on that one. Not a big deal but another example of slip-shod management. The new city attorney, HR Director and Interim City Manager are picking up the pieces and making the machine work again. My hat's off to all of them! Great Job...THANKS! Our little city needs quality management and is getting it now.

It's nice to see the Council working together, city staff unafraid to speak their minds and some transparency in how things are done at City Hall. Maybe this would translate into the mayor's race too. Anyone know who's gonna' run? I've heard about a couple of possible candidates but nothing solid at this point. The election is to be in October, 2007. That doesn't leave a lot of time to organize and run a traditional campaign. We'll see...keep checking back and don't quit sending those "flowers and darts" my way.

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