Saturday, August 11, 2007

ROISD Knee Jerk

I recently sent an email to Superintendent Nevins and to John Anderson-School Board Vice President asking to see a list of the Bond Oversight Committee. Never received a reply back but....The Ellis County Observer sent an Open Records Request asking for the same information recently and here's what's happened in response.

News just in...the "newest" ROISD website has links to the 2007 bond and....wait for it....Bond Oversight Committee.

Funny how an Open Records Request causes a knee jerk reaction. ROISD should be obligated to publish minutes and agendas if school district employees or board members are part of this committee to comply with Open Meetings Act (for the board members only)

We'll keep an eye on this and see if the new administration is really OK or just dazzling us with their mastery of smoke and mirrors as Craig Stockstill's krew did for their tenure.


Anonymous said...

There is no comparison of this administration and the past. Stand by Mr. "Always Ready To Judge Everyone As A Crook" must be hard to be someone who lives in a world where everyone is guilty until proven innocent....stand by Steve, you might be surprised.

Steve Miller said...

No nothing hard in my life whatsoever. I'm enjoying it.

As far as standing by? Just show me...I'm from Missouri in this area.

Always ready to judge everyone as a crook? Hmm....that's rich...let's see...can anyone remember Joe Miguel? That's not everyone...just a certain my personal opinion of course.

Anonymous said...

Since May I have been trying to e-mail the Superintendent and School Board to express my disappointment in the graduation ceremony but have not been able to locate e-mail addresses. For the second year in a row ROHS graduation was at the Dallas Convention Center with a horrible sound system (Valedvictorian speech could not be heard), no access to students for pictures during ceremony, no use of jumbotron to be able to actually see your student. I have attended ROHS graduation for my 4 kids, the last two got cheated out of a decent ceremony at DCC. Typical glad to be done with them!

The Ellis County Observer said...

Steve, I think your message was right on the money (no pun intended), but you need an organization and a direct-mail operation.

We can discuss this next week with a few "concerned citizens" if you like...

Just tell me a day that is good for you, and/or a night.

Steve Miller said...

Guess the Open Records Request, email and whining to the board actually made a difference. I'm sure folks that think I'm an idiot or worse will claim "the district was ramping the section up anyway so why were you whining about it", so water under the bridge at this point. We finally can see who the movers and shakers/in the district circle of trust are.
It's time to ask these folks to be accountable and open as well so our huge investment is spent wisely. How about some open forums? Progress reports? Vision plan? (how to spend it...not insurance for glasses...HA), site plans, etc.?
We shouldn't be asking for these items since we're both "the customer" and the "payer" (weird combination but true).
Truly, we live in interesting times.