Friday, June 15, 2007

You Don't Say...Who Was it? He didn't say!

Anonymous said...
based on this posting, is Eric or Scott mayor pro tem

I saw the weirdness on the announcement too. I didn't make it up...just copied and pasted it into A Red Oak Window Seat (AROWS-HA...I did just make THAT up!) Maybe one of the more sage readers can clarify it for us. I left Monday's meeting under the impression that Scott Lindsey was only nominated, not seconded and the vote died. I guess Mayor Bryce took a lesson from Senators Kennedy and McCain and just considered the dead vote a Council member's positive referendum that Scott was elected as Pro Tem... sorta' like the zombified Illegal Alien amnesty bill haunting the halls of Congress again after it died earlier this week. It's all about smoke and mirrors anyway. What a shew tonight folks....what a shew....! :<)

I heard from a reliable source that Eric Smith received four (4) phone calls immediately after the announcement was posted. Two of these calls were from Pfiefer, one call from Mayor Bryce and one call from Little Toddie (still can't get his fingers out of the frosting...geez...what does it take LittleToddie?) I'm going to poke a little fun and just name Todd Little as the defacto Mayor Pro Tem and resident "kingmaker" even though I don't think he could get elected for dog catcher at this point in the game.

Little Toddie...why don't you just go ahead and announce for Mayor and "Great Leader" or "Imperious Diety-Man of Red Oak" two years early so I can ROTFLMAO when the voters reject YOU too.

Put on your seat belts folks...push your tray tables to their upright's gonna' be a bumpy ride!


Anonymous said...

No Ben Goodwyn is still Mayor pro tem

Steve Miller said...

I'm Mayor Pro I'm Spartacus!

APW said...

I say that little toddie should call up pinky and the brain! I think they have a better plan than toddie boy!! I vote for Steve as Mayor Pro Tem!!! It's true, our limp wristed temporary city manager made two desparation calls today. I also heard from a relieable source that Eric didn't answer any of the four calls. I think he is determined to have this change take place.


Steve Miller said...

There must be a pseudo-Diogenes around here that would sit the Littles down and tell them that apparently they've worn out their political welcome if I'm to believe about 1/10th of what I'm told.:<)

Red Oak political winds are beginning to blow a different direction for the time being and are not blowing behind the Littles anymore. really is time for the "good ole boys" to go back to the feed and tack store and watch RO actually become a 21st century city. Politics as usual just is not an option. It may be time to sweep "all the rascals" out and start over again.
We'll see whom has the stones to get this done. Hopefully, there's a plan in place to get these folks replaced quickly if they're terminated. If not, I really feel for City Staffers that will not have a direct buffer to Council. Been there...done that...have the T-Shirt dealing with school board members in RO. That's a VERY different thread and one I'm not ready to unwind just yet. :<)