Friday, June 15, 2007

Dawn Little Part Deux

Joey Dauben (Ellis County Observer Blog) is reporting that Dawn Little may run for Council again after the two sitting council persons must "retire" due to term limits. This is just Joey's reporting at this point but I really thought we were finally rid of the Little's influence in local politics.

Oh well...they're like the Energizer Bunny...they keep coming back and coming back...sorta' like an STD-a gift that keeps on "giving".
Maybe Ken Pfiefer would run against Sweet Little Dawnie. The election from Hell?


APW said...

You know, Little toddie can run in to years as well. Maybe he gets to be King and drag is little queen along....I can see the headlines, Bill and Hillary take over Red Oak!! I would rather have that STD!!!!


Max said...

Cute picture of Dawn! Ha ha. Maybe she could run to be the next Energizer Bunny. She could be good at that who knows. It’s better than her being on the council!!
O no do you think the Birds in Red Oak have something to do with global warming.
(Dawns own words)