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A Great Question That Needs To Be Answered By All Before Tuesday

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I was perusing Joey Dauben's Red Oak Observer City blog and an anonymous blogger posted the "Million Dollar Question". I'm quoting the blogger directly (cut and paste) and certainly would think this question should be answered by ALL asking to remove the City Manager and City Attorney at Tuesday's Special City Council meeting. The second part of the question is GREAT too and should shed some light (if people reading this Blog are posting legitimately) on the sources of the animosity between Little Toddie, his father and the anti-Little group of citizens of Red Oak. Please take a look at the question and let's see what it generates....given the climate...I expect to see some interesting responses.

Taken from Ellis County Observer/Red Oak Observer City Blog-6/17/2007-8:35 PM:
Anonymous said...
I am serious when I ask exactly how have the Little's and the city manager divided this town. I guess I haven't been in the loop. From what I have heard people were mad that it was Ben
Little who sold the town the property for city hall. I thought that was because he sold it to them for a deal and that you could see it from 35. That is what I've always heard. I'm not trying to make anyone angry. I'm serious when I ask what have the Little's or the city manager done? June 17, 2007 3:05 PM


Anonymous said...

Well the city manager pushes city staff to get projects done on the Westside of I-35 because of his friend Todd Little. (Just look at the roads on the Westside near city hall) Why do you think that city hall is way over their where a lot of citizens do not want it!! A residential neighborhood is no place for the city hall. But Todd and his family do not sell anything without making money in some shape or form. The fire station/police dept are also built on Toddies Land.

Ken promises citizens on the eastside all kinds of things, which he never intends to do. Lets put it this way—The mayor and city manager have been talking to Todd about the Tuesday night meeting and had Todd call several times Eric Smiths house.

Todd is worried that his Little scam will get all messed up!!! Its pretty bad when an Ex-Mayor and his family has first op on any property that comes up for sale in the city! An agreement passed while Todd was Mayor.

Steve Miller said...

anonymous said...
Its pretty bad when an Ex-Mayor and his family has first op on any property that comes up for sale in the city! An agreement passed while Todd was Mayor.

Can someone point me to this agreement in the Council archives? I'm getting the "urban legend" vibe on this one. My BS-O-Meter is moving in a positive direction. :<)

I knew about the City Hall, Fire Station and Police Department land deals and just snickered about irony of a couple of bible-beaters lining their pockets while acting as if nothing ever happened plus attacking ANYONE that disagreed with the deal. Don't believe it? Check the newspaper archives...

I've also seen the City Manager in action and have heard from several persons that there is a witch hunt happening right now trying to find "leaks" through the email system. It's enough to make me think of "Tricky Dick" in the late 60s. Pfiefer should concentrate on getting the Dallas Water main done so my water doesn't taste like @#$t and continue to ruin my plumbing (welcome to Red Oak right?)

We'll see what happens Tuesday. Hopefully Eric won't be swayed by the big smiles, promises of budget for his area, and intimidation by a triumvirate managed by an ex-mayor. (That guy should stick to his day job).

My pool idea is still out there. Anyone else think it's better than even money these ass-clowns will be gone Tuesday night?

APW said...

I have heard about the "First Op" for ben little. I actually heard about it from a current council member. (That doesn't mean that it is gospel in any way) I would like to know for sure. If it is not true I will have a list of folks to make a retraction to. (Story of my life) However, if it is true I will be pushing to end that non-sense!

I have lived in RO for 24+ yrs and seen what the City Manager has accomplished for RO and what the surrounding Cities have accomplished. Unless you are blind, we need a new city manager!

Really, the only thing littles are guilty of is being bad politicians. (ok, not the only thing, but we don't have time for all of it) Everyone deserves to make a buck. Even the littles. But when you screw over a town for your own personal gain and stick your fingers in everyones business and walk around acting like you are a god (Which has rubbed off on the current City Manager) That is what people hate.

From what I have heard, Eric wont be swayed on Tuesday night. He is more determinded now than ever!


Steve Miller said...

Thanks APW for your post...good post!

We'll see on Tuesday if the Council has a backbone or if they're really wafflers at heart.

I'm rather taken aback by the specific issues raised by the last agenda items. Still don't know what that's all about and you know...instead of whacking Ben Goodwyn and Casey Hargrove on a regular basis here....the "Pfeiferistas" have been very silent. Wonder if that's because they have nothing to say or if they're building to a crescendo. I'm bringing my tape recorder. I want to hear it all!


Anonymous said...

apw said "I have... seen what the City Manager has accomplished for RO and what the surrounding Cities have accomplished." Does that mean that if it weren't for Ken Pfiefer, we could be like Ferris, Ovilla, or Glenn Heights?

APW said...

Are things better in RO than Ferris, Glenn Heights and Ovilla? Sure they are. Does that meant that we should settle for what we have have been given by the current management. I don't think so Tim! You can do that and move backwards if you would like but that mentality will get you no where in life. RO has done better than the cities you mention in spite of ken pfiefer. That was a good question though!


Anonymous said...

The Ellis County Observer has come out strongly in favor of Mayor Bryce. Joey says he thinks the world of Bryce and, if there is a recall movement, he (Joey) will fight tooth and nail against it. Someone commented that Bryce was very open and honest about those he supported in the last election, but he didn't talk bad about the other candidates.

Steve Miller said...

Joey is entitled to his own opinion and to support whomever he chooses as are we all.

I'm holding my opinion on this until I see the Mayor's behavior and leadership at tonight's meeting. This is a good test. Let's see what this guy is all "about".

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with wanting to be a small town? I like going to Brookshire's and running into people I know. I like having a pharmacy like Red Oak Drug. We moved to Cedar Hill 20 years ago and my mom started teaching at Highland's Elementary. Then, the school's were great and now there is no way I would ever let my children go to Cedar Hill schools. The stories my mom tells are awful. Red Oak really appealed to my husband (he being from Duncaville) and I when we moved here 10 years ago. I'm not saying we shouldn't grow but what is wrong with being cautious on how we do it? What is wrong with being selective of the businesses we allow to come in? And for goodness sake try to limit as much as possible the amount of apartments and industrial businesses like the ones off of Ovilla Rd.(it's just tacky) I'm not claiming to know the ins and outs of Red Oak politics or city ordinaces I'm just asking.

The Ellis County Observer said...

Steve, check with former Councilman Danny Douthit on that "agreement." I do recall, if my memory serves me correctly, actually seeing copies of that when I used to write for The Ellis County Press.

See, I used to be real conspiracy theorist about well, everything, but then I thought, "well if I owned lots of land in a town, I would."

And yes, Anonymous #2374932, I thik the world of Mayor Bryce. And to be honest with you, I back Todd Little in any political project he's got going on - that includes the pro-life stuff.

I guess I'm just naive, but owning lots of real estate interests doesn't make someone a "crook," as was my original way of thinking.

I can't wait to buy up lots of land and control my own city *grin* ;)

Who knows, maybe I'll move to Red Oak in oh, say a few weeks and run for city council...


Steve Miller said...

I'm assuming this Anon is Joey....Steve, check with former Councilman Danny Douthit on that "agreement." I do recall, if my memory serves me correctly, actually seeing copies of that when I used to write for The Ellis County Press

I will after keeping my ears open after the bloodletting last night. Apparently(and please correct me if I'm wrong)this "agreement" was done between the Economic Development Council and Ben Little while Todd was Mayor. It was supposedly for a finite number of years and was a renewable option by vote of the Council. The option was not renewed and as usual, a threat of a suit ensued. The "agreement" such as it was is not in effect today, although it is common knowledge that folks benefited from this agreement with several developments including a strip center on Ovilla Road.

I think the issue isn't the agreement itself. You can't fire a Council for being stupid(but you can fire a complete City Management staff for being unpopular in Red Oak right?). The issue revolves around the "smell test" again. This agreement purposely benefited Todd Little's father while Todd was mayor. This is another notch in the "it's legal but doesn't feel right category". One can't be "almost pregnant" right?

No one begrudges anyone for making money. People DO question others for using political office and political influence to make money.

Sure it's legal, done all the time and par for the course in Red Oak.

Several Questions remain however, is it right? Probably. Does it smell? Possibly if one is looking for some excrement in how local government is run. Does it make Red Oak look like a "local-yokel/bubba takes care of their own" type of town. Most definitely.
Perhaps this type of process will either go away or more probably get swept under the rug. I'm hoping it will go away...I'm a a realist/pragmatist however; and will retain my cynical opinion for now.