Saturday, November 1, 2008

Last three days before the Obamanation!

The Messiah Guy is Here!
Three days before the election and the slop just keeps getting richer. It definitely looks as if we'll be electing a committed true, dyed in wool Marxist. This is going to be the most pivotal election since Carter-Reagan and it's based upon the "big lie". We really can't be that stupid or are we truly as an old Bircher book my dad had ARE "A Nation of Sheep"?

Dick Morris and the "Undecided Voter"
Where does Fox News "political expert" Dick Morris get his insider "undecided voter" information? It sounds good and keeps the spirits up but methinks I'm stepping in BS when I hear him go on and on that McCain will win because of some mythical undecided voters. If they're anything like Luntz' crew, they're way not undecided. It's difficult enough to swallow Obama's hypocritical line of cock&bull, but Morris continues to paint a different picture. He's praying for a Dewey vs. Truman and folks I just don't see it happening.

Silver Lining With an Obamayomama Victory
There's a silver lining in all this, I can GRITCH and MOAN about the Obamanation for the NEXT 4 years if he wins. I voted early and I damn sure WASN'T undecided...but "everyone knows that Obama doesn't need my state-Texas to win" according to Karl Rove. So what was my vote? Chopped liver?

Give 'em hell McCain...I'm not looking forward to being "re-educated" that my income is Obama's income and if I disagree or endorse McCain, I'll get thrown off the plane too or accosted by some "civilian security force that's as good as our military" (yeah...Ass-clown said that too!) That's getting positively Orwellian in my book. Don't believe me? Google the phrase, read it and take a second look while your jaw is on the floor.

A Civilian Security Force: Click Here if you Don't believe me
Obama is obliquely proposing a civilian security force in addition to our military. I'm no believer in the black helicopter theory but this guy's In-freekin'-sane. But you know...I'll be one of the first ones in the "re-education camps" since I'm in the edu-business. Gotta' "get my mind right teachin' those chilren".
I've never advocated civil unrest but; if Obama puts his complete Weather Underground, Black Liberation, "spread the wealth around a little" agenda, I might just be so inclined. As one of our founding fathers said (highly paraphrased here-disclaimer), "a little revolution is good once in a while." Read William Ayers' book from my high school years and you'll see the plan. It's all the "Big Lie" done over in 21st century media candy coating!

It's gonna' be a bumpy night Tuesday


Anonymous said...

It is really upsetting to me that African Americans and the media keep talking about race when it comes to the election of Barack Hussein Obama.
Having a black father and a white mother or a little darker skin does not make you African American! That makes you a mixed race American, Most Caucasian Americans are from a mixed bloodline or race (German, Jewish, Indian, French, English etc) I am sure no one has ever made a big deal out of any of our past presidents who had other bloodlines /race in them. My point is he is a mixed race and he is not the first mixed race to ever be heading to the white house. So please stop using the race card!! I think several people voted for him because of the color of his skin. They must have forgotten about his white half! And failed to do any research about Barack Hussein Obama past with the church of hate and ties to known terrorists.

Condoleezza Rice is a true African American because of who her ancestor’s are. I beleave she would make a better president than Mr. Barack Hussein Obama ever will

Steve Miller said...

The race card doesn't exist anymore now that BO is Pres. Oops, it seems the United States is the ONLY democracy to elect a minority or person of color as Chief Executive. Can you name any more of consequence?

Anglo folks have assuaged their "white guilt complex" and African Americans got what they wanted. Rosa Parks sat, MLK walked and BO ran and won!

I don't listen to the whiners. Haven't for a long time. We will be faced with paying reparations for an institution (slavery) that I had nothing to do with, pay higher taxes and watch my country's economy go down the crapper.

Race is the last thing I really am upset about. I couldn't care less if this guy was 1/3 this, 1/3 that and 1/3 something else. The real issue is as you posted...he's unqualified to lead, is a dedicated Marxist in the Sol Linsky tradition, is an accomplished liar and wants to fundamentally change the United States into a socialist paradise.

If Americans focus on the race issue, they'll lose EVERY time. Guess I could make an argument that focusing on real issues facing the nation such as the crappy economy, unstable foreign affairs and leadership issues at the top really doesn't matter to the voters anyway given the election results.

I also agree with you that C.Rice is a hell of a lot more qualified that BHO. Sara Palin is more qualified but you see where that got her.

The Democrats won, they've got the latrine to clean now. If the last two years of Pelosi-Reed are any indication, the Republicans should be able to sweep Congressional races and if BHO (BO..ha)really screws the pooch with Iran and others that want us dead, will have a small window to open and get back.

I want reparations too! Where does the line form? I've been oppressed as a person that has a real job, deals with affirmative action on a daily basis, and has to defer the issue of even speaking about race to minorities so I won't "offend" them. I'm beginning to sound a lot like Mark Levin or Michael Savage. Geez...that's scary considering the Feds want to shut down First Amendment freedom speech on the airwaves to silence dissent. This is beginning to suck and it's only 11/7/2008. Four years of this CRAP?

Someone give me the number for the Australian or Canadian embassy. It's gonna' be a bumpy ride!