Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ron Paul-A Lost Cause for the GOP

Ron Paul is a lost cause. He’s not electable nor does he have any chance of competing against ANY front running Dem candidate. He may espouse some of the “I wish it could be like this” thinking but reality wins out in this GOP voter’s opinon. I won’t waste my vote on Paul.

There’s actually NO GOP candidate that I feel is adequate enough to run against the Dems in 08. None of them with possibly the exception of McCain could motivate GOP voters. I puke (figratively of course) thinking about a HRC presidency. Four more years of Clintonian democracy leaves this voter cold. Obama reminds me a lot of JFK but I also think he’s watched the game films and is coached to “be like JFK”. I like Obama. He is what the Dems need at this time. Would I vote for him? No. His politics and record along with HRC’s is as left-wing as it comes.

This is the age of “media bits and bytes” and how candidates “look and feel” to voters. It really is style over substance IMHO. All the present candidates have taken lessons from ole’ Dick Nixon in 1960. Don’t look bad, keep to the platitudes and talk about “change”. What the hell is the mantra “change” all about? If asked, the Dems talk about tax increases, programs for every single group in the US and “cleaning up Washington”, plus demonizing ‘big business”. The GOP offers nothing better. They have offered the same old party line. Ron Paul may make more sense but guaranteed he will not be nominated nor could he bring GOP voters to the polls. He is not electable. He is like a mini-Ross Perot.

Paul is unelectable, and the rest of the GOP candidates must know they’ll come in a long second next year. Do I like it? h$%% no! Will I live with the GOP’s choice and support it? H$%% yes. The Democratic alternative is no alternative at all IMHO.

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Amy Hedtke said...

I have to completely disagree with you on this one. For so long America has moved towards using "electability" to determine their vote and we wonder why there are now no REAL candidates. People have been brainwashed into voting for someone based on fear of another candidate instead of principle.

The purpose of voting is NOT to cast a vote for whoever's "electable" --but to vote your conscience. When you move from your conscience you deserve what you get. Now *that* is a waste-- a waste of time going to the polls, a waste of principle, and a waste of real freedom.

People will vote for McCain because they "don't want Hillary" but in doing so they will get someone Just as Bad, AND they will abandon the principles they claim to hold. It's no wonder candidates don't worry about being principled --we aren't demanding it.

I will be writing in my own choice if they don't make the general ballot. If they deserve my vote they will have it.