Thursday, November 8, 2007

Finished With Jury Duty-No Speeding In RO

Finished my jury duty tonight. Lessons learned?
1. Don't speed in Red Oak...especially in the I35 construction area
2. Don't EVER...EVER...EVER represent yourself in Red Oak Municipal Court. It was like watching my Giant Schnauzer learn to sit, down and stay. Amateurs need not apply!!! The court will chew you up, spit you out and TAKE YOUR MONEY all with a smile! I feel a whole lot better MY traffic ticket was deferred adjudicated. Cost me about $300 but my insurance won't go up nor did I have to deal with the Municipal Court system.

We whacked a guy tonight for 75mph in a 55mph construction zone. He told the officer he "was late for court" (was a lawyer) and that the whole thing was "bullshit". We whacked him for $400.00 plus court costs (the maximum). People need to slow down around construction areas. We sent a message to STOP.


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