Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Here We Go Again...You've Got Mail!

Well, the 18 month Mayoral campaign took a different turn today. I received a mailer from Alan's opponent. I felt special, it was signed with a website URL and a personal phone number. I guess the opponent needed to counter Alan's major endorsements from Red Oak City Council and community leaders. It's rather funny that my spouse did not receive a mailer. She's a registered voter and voted in the council races. We went through this with the council run-off recently. The same mailing, the same way-again. The same mailing list. This smells like Little Toddie is back behind the marionette stage pulling strings again after the opponent went to all the trouble to distance himself from Todd Little publicly, on his web site, in the newspaper, and in conversations with several councilpersons. Hey voters, it's "politics as usual-Red Oak Style" if what I heard tonight is true and can be validated. I'll have more on this in the next few days. This is no rumor, no innuendo, no BS, just facts corroborated by at least two other persons. I am not calling anyone a liar YET but I am thinking hard in that direction unless a couple of things happen....the story is just that...a story....I'll post my results and a retraction if I'm wrong....or will Blog the facts as I know them and how the other candidate may not be as credible as we would have hoped. I am hoping this is not the case. We've had quite enough of BS government in our recent past. Nothing has changed, only one candidate is actually telling the truth when he wants to "Bring Red Oak Together"

What is the other candidate about? You'll read and hear about Mom, apple pie, outdoorsman, ad nauseum. I'm sure the other candidate is all those things but here's the real deal:
The other candidate works for a multi-million dollar construction company, is from Florida only living here 12 months, has never served a day on any city boards or interacted with Council in any way other than attending a couple of meetings, and just "wants to be mayor". That's not enough in my book. Pay your dues sir, then run for office after you know how the bread is buttered in this little Tejas town.

Check back in a couple of days....this will get either very interesting or get nipped in the bud. Either way, it will get blogged. Bet it will never make the print rags around here, that's for sure!


Anonymous said...

Always promising a story, but we never get one...still waiting on the "real story" about Tom Coppick. Don't have anything better to do? You have been pretty quite lately...did your buddy who is running tell you to tone it down a bit?
Why do you always have to bring the Littles into everything? I think you are just a hater. Who cares if he knows them? Your buddy knows Ben and Casey, but you don't want anyone holding that against him. Gimme a break. And who cares if the council backs your guy, as soon as he stops acting the way they want, they will try to get rid of him. He's just another puppet on a string. And I would not brag too much about the council backing him...let's see we have two idiots(aka ben and casey), we have can't talk (andy), what you gonna do for me if I take your side(eric) and then mr. emotional(scott). Boy I am really impressed. It's always been the lesser of two evils around here and nothing will ever change. And if you don't want someone to vote for the "other guy", because he knows the Littles, then maybe I won't vote for yours, because he is friends with you.
Still waiting on your other big stories...why didn't you comment on the big ROISD security issue, it was on the news, figured you would be talking about it. You are always talkig about the school in such a loving way.

Steve Miller said...

Let's see...I'll work down your laundry list...shouldn't take's pretty basic in scope.

1.Have been quite what? That's quiet...dilbert...try a spell checker or a dictionary. Nope...I actually work for a living and sometimes real life (work) gets in the way of this fantasin.

2. Coppock? Tom never sent me his "how it really was" information nor did he send it to any of the papers as he promised. Go ask HIM why. I told him I'd post it here. Nothing received...nothing posted. I think you should re-read the Coppock post. Don't like it? Don't read my blog...I'm damn sure not twisting your arm to do so.

3. A hater? A hater of what? Broccoli? Turnips? The Littles? Nope...just don't care for their brand of politics. Doesn't make me a "hater" (that's a non term anyway)

4. I like the way you characterize the council members after castigating me for being a "hater"(non-term). Damn consistent right? gotta' do better than that

5. ROISD security issue? This isn't a newspaper-it's a Blog. It's my opinion. If you want news stories, read the local print rags. If I don't like something the school district does like increase my taxes on a 30 year facilities loan, I'll write about it. Again...don't like it...please hit the back button. You DO know how to do THAT right?

For whom you vote and why is of little consequence to me. THAT you vote is. Vote for someone and you can complain...don't vote...don't complain!

I call things the way I (not anyone else) see them. You must like the abuse or you would not be reading this reply.

Enjoy the blog you "Steve Miller Hater"(non-term) :<)

Steve Miller said...

I rejected your response anon. You went over the top even for me in terms of content. Don't like to do that but you've become more personally abusive than I want on MY blog.
Please feel free to start your own "Steve Miller Sucks" blog but you'll have to take a number and stand in line if I were to believe anything you wrote.

Anonymous said...

Does the truth sometimes hurt? I did not write anything offensive in that comment, I guess you just like the public to see when you put someone down or "burn them". I never said that you sucked or that I hated you,in fact it was quite the opposite. There was nothing over the top, you just did not want the other readers to see someone put it out there and tell the truth. I heard that about your sight, but told others that you did not do that, now I guess they were right. Thought you were telling "some inconvienent truths", but I guess it depends on who the truths are about...I thought you were different. You are right it is your blog, but you open yourself up to critics when you put them on the internet for all to see. I would apologize for upsetting you, but since you won't post this anyway, what's the use. I am not sure what you thought was so over the top and personal, you post stuff on here all the time that is personal. I am sure that Maggie, Brock, and Billy did not appreciate it when you posted comments about their personal affairs on here, but you did.
Like I said before, I guess people were right when they said you don't post everyone's comments, even if they are not bad.