Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hodson's Q&A Page?

I went to one of the mayoral candidate's sites and found an "ask a question" form. That's pretty cool on first blush but I have some questions...

Why is it not in a blog format? Opening comments to the public gives credibility to the questions being asked.

How do we know that all questions are being answered? We don't. We just have to trust the candidate to print all questions being answered. Right?

How do we know that questions are being answered within context? We don't again. Again, are the readers in the candidate's circle of trust or not?

No barbs, flames, cuts intended on this candidate's use of an interesting and innovative way of getting info out to voters. Just simple questions that may or may not get addressed


Amy Hedtke said...

If you really wanna know, email him and ask a question or send a comment. I did!

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Mr. Hodson has not responded to your simple question?
I would think he would want to make it a point to respond to questions! Steve maybe you need to ask again and make it easy. Maybe then he will understand the question!

Steve Miller said...

I'm sure the other major candidate either has not read the post or doesn't consider the question important enough to respond.
I'm also sure he is quite busy. His political plate has to be full since Alan Hugley received public endorsements from ALL FIVE sitting Councilpersons.
Keep checking back...perhaps we'll see something but I really doubt it.

Alan's Web Site:

Steve Miller said...

Thanks for your post. I would rather see the other candidate's Q&A form a public forum. We're not getting a feel for all the candidates, their vision, and what issues they feel are important to tackle in the next 18 months.
Not having a public response contact point such as this allows the other candidate to cherry pick issues and sugar coat answers.

Again, I would rather concentrate on the lack of mud, slime and general vitriol in the two candidate's campaigns. That is refreshing after the political bloodbath in the last run-off election. My hat's off to ALL the candidates in this area. Now tell us where you stand, what you want to do and how you plan to get there.

It's less than a month to the election me the money!

Where are your Action Plans?