Monday, September 17, 2007

Game On!

The filing date for the mayoral election has come and gone. No other candidates have filed at the very last minute. I was sorta' expecting a "late bird". It looks like an interesting race as previously posted.

What do we know about the candidates for mayor? What makes them different from one another? What will they bring to the city that is positive? We all have warts...what warts will show up on these candidates?

I know nothing about the other two candidates other than one is an ex-city employee and one is a neighbor of Todd Little.

Anyone want to fill in the blanks?


Anonymous said...

Is'nt Smilely an Ex- employee who was fired? I do not think the employees would respect or look up to someone who was fired.

Amy Hedtke said...

don't forget Dan Hodson's website:

He links to Alan's site, too.

I'm firmly in Alan's camp cuz i know him personally and prefer his local knowledge of the Dallas metroplex as well as south of it. I posted previously about his other qualities I feel are important for a mayor.

As a Christian I am hoping that other Christians know better than to assume one thing about a man based on the actions of others. I have higher hopes and faith in the people attending the Oaks.

We can pick and choose who we hang out with, but we cannot control the actions and thoughts of others.

I'm sure that Mr. Dodson is a good guy, but I must confess most of us really haven't had much of a chance to GET to know him. I would love to hear more from those who have had more interaction with him, and I'm sure we will :-)
As for wanting a "successful business man," Haliburton is a multi million dollar industry too --yet I know there are several people who would not want someone from there helping to run our little town. Note that "successful" does not always denote character. I'm sure that Mr. Hodson's character rests on more than his occupation :-)

Unlike a big business, Red Oak will need to take into account what the *people* want, as opposed to just what might be "financially best" for Red Oak's bank account. As just one example: I'd like to see Casey Hargrove put his view on Eminent Domain as something more official.

Before he was involved in the City Council elections, Alan demonstrated his interest in the people of Red Oak --going door to door and informing them of issues and seeking their input.

I look forward to seeing this campaign progress :-)

Anonymous said...

Smiley is a former employee of the city. He was fired, but from what I hear it wasn't completely founded. The city secretary hated him and hated that he associated with Ben Goodwyn, since she is not his (Ben's) biggesgt fan. I've met him only a couple of times, but he seems like a nice enough, educated guy. Would he make a good mayor? Who knows, but I guess we'll find out in about a month.

Anonymous said...

Well you heard wrong he Smiley was fired for cusing out his Boss in the parks dept.

Lee said...

No,you are wrong. Get your facts straight.
Smiley's firing from the city was not founded.
You must be on of the "Dirty" people who are so concerned about the chance of Smiley being the Mayor of Red Oak.
He is one of the hardest working persons we know and would give Red Oak a much needed vaccination of honesty as mayor.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the story in the Dallas morning news on Oct 4th and what they said about Smilely. Man it made him look like a dumb A$$. Even a low life.

Steve Miller said...

Here's the link...please read it and post your own opinions...