Friday, September 7, 2007

Alan Hugley For Mayor-Website is Up-It's a Race Now!

Alan Hugley For Mayor! His site is up and's the address...
Good Luck Alan! You're the best guy for the job.

*Filing Day Update: 9/14/2007*
There's another candidate in the race from the west side of Red Oak. Dan Hodson, Todd Little's neighbor has now filed. I revised this part of the post because I received the wrong information after speaking to several persons about it. Retraction noted.
A person named Smiley also filed. I've heard some very disparaging comments about the person and his conduct as a former city employee. I won't blog them. If he wants to refute this, he is more than welcome to post here. If anyone thinks they know of what I write, please feel free to blog it as well.

This race is getting interesting already...don't forget OCTOBER 16TH is ELECTION DAY!

We've kicked this horse to death. I'm closing the thread.

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Anonymous said...

Well it was nice to put a face with his name...I should have known that it would be him. Doesn't everyone remember him in the picture with Ben and Casey after "their big win"? Another one of Ben's puppets. Lives over there by Chris Moses (shock, shock). Is Chris his campaign manager? How long did it take Ben to talk him into running? None of the others would give up their seat to run, because everyone knows the council has more power than the mayor would ever dream of, so they had to find someone who isn't too well known, but has to be in the "group".
You people are always talking about people knowing the Littles or friends of the Littles, but what do you call this guy...anyone friends with Ben is just as bad. Can't someone totally neutral to these people run. I thought someone said that Kris Reeder was running, know that would be interesting to see which one Ben and Casey backed, since both are suppose to be their friends. But it would not matter who ran, because Ben will still be pulling the strings. I can't believe that Eric is not running, he could have the title of the first African American Mayor in Red Oak, but then again, he would have to give up his powerful seat...either way, he is still doing what Ben and Casey tell him to, that has been obvious from the past votes. Be your own man ERIC and run for mayor. Let someone else have your seat, so that some fresh blood will be up there to break the ties when they vote. I don't even know why ya'll bother voting now, it always ends up 3-2. Get someone in there that is not afraid to stand up to Ben/Casey or Scott/Andy. Think about it Eric, you can be THE FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN MAYOR OF RED OAK, TEXAS. You know you want it. Put the talk of you being afraid of losing your power to rest and run for Mayor.
I am sure that Alan is a nice man, but I don't think we can trust anyone who ties to Ben and Casey right now. They promise a lot and don't deliver. They tell you what you want to hear and when you can't give them anymore, they cut your strings. Things don't turn out like they told you it would, go and ask Tom...he's a good example. Poor Kris Reeder tagged along with them and it got him nothing but a bad reputation.

Steve Miller said...

You people? That's a rich comment. Like I've got any power to decide ANYTHING in city government other than to write my checks for water/sewer services and pay my taxes via my mortgage. What a load of manure. Thanks for fertilizing my garden. :<)

You really must think Ben and Casey are the anti-christs. Now Eric Smith is in the back pocket of Ben too? You'd better ask Eric that "mano-a-mano". He'd politely spit in your eye.

Hope you don't spend a lot of mental energy on this...I wouldn't want you to stretch your faculties and give yourself a brain fart.

Who would you suggest as a candidate? Perhaps YOU should run for mayor. You might be a breath of fresh air as least we would know it would be HOT air. :<)

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps YOU should run for mayor."

He can't, he's still term limited.

Anonymous said...

I just love how it pisses everyone off if someone says anything negative about someone who is friends with Ben, but they jump on the band wagon to bash the Littles or anyone who is friends with them. That just goes to show you that this town is far from where it needs to be. I don't agree with everything that is said by anonymous #1, but I do agree that it would be nice for someone who is neutral to all the past blood shedding.
And it only shows how immature you are when you insult people and talk about brain farts and such. Just more mud slinging...exactly what we need. I know that you have your opinion, but so do they. And you must want to hear what they have to say or you would not blog about it and wait to see who comments.
I can't wait to see what you have to say to me. Please don't hurt yourself coming up with something that you think is clever. Do your kids help you come up with some of those come backs?
I don't know Alan, so I don't have much to say on the fact, but I am sure that any skeletons he has in his closet will soon be out for all to see on here.
I just hope whoever does run is his/her own person...not that they have any say so about what really goes on in the city.

CSM said...

Yea Alan does live near me( about a mile and a half down the road) But thats not a crime!! No I am not his Campaign manager. I met Alan and his family during the last election. He is a very smart man with some smart young boys who could run for office someday to.

Alan is not on anyones side thats what makes him the perfect person to run. Red Oak needs someone like that to bring Red Oak forward. I think everyone wants to see Red Oak move forward and become one town!!! No more of this eastside westside crap.
Everyone who pays taxes in Red Oak deserve to be treated the same! Fire and Police protection, Roads, low water,sewer and trash bills, low home owner taxes, more Economic Development and respect from city hall.
I can tell you for a fact Alan is no ones puppet!! He was the first person to ask me for my support and help. After talking with him for hours about his plans I decided to help him when I can with his election.

Please do not think that the stainback road area is the only thing I care about in this city! I care about a lot more. Thats why I was on the GO bond Committee that approved the Red Oak project and the new fire station etc.. I am currently serving on the Planning & Zoning board as a board officer. P & Z has more to do with what is going on in the heart of the city then it does with the stainback area. So like I said: I am for all of Red oak and will fight for what is good for the city!


Joey Dauben said...

Judging by the responses, I can already guess that the "eastside-westside" stuff will continue.

The only way a candidate for mayor is going to win - regardless of what side of town he or she is on - is to campaign throughout the city.

That means Country Ridge, Red Oak Road, Stainback, etc.

Someone needs to do an analysis of the precinct-by-precinct vote totals from election day, just to see where the support came from.

Anonymous said...

isn't there anyone in this city that is completely neutral and doesn't have friendships with either "camp" (Goodwyn or Little)?

Steve Miller said...

So having a friendship with Ben or Todd Little means you're not neutral? How does that one work? I'm just tell...

Good post

Anonymous said...

Seems like if you're friends with Todd, you're in "his pocket" and thus will cower to whatever he thinks or wants for the city. And to be honest...its the same for anyone associated with Ben. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about - its clear even when people are busy arguing on here how NOT true that is. The more its denied, the more obvious it looks.
I'm just sick of both sides...give me someone fresh and new.

Steve Miller said...

It will take someone like Alan to get this right. He frankly doesn't kow-tow to Ben, Casey or "the other camp" (whomever they are...THAT's another post to stir the pot). Don't believe me? drop him a line or give him a call. Talk to him personally. His phone number's on the website and so's his email. We could do a whole lot worse and have in the recent past.

I'm supporting him unabashedly. If that puts me in anyone else's but Alan's pocket, then I'd like to have a hit of what they're drinking except for Kool-Aid. It must be a hallucenogenic of some sort.

It's time folks took their local government seriously since it affects their pocketbooks and quality of life directly.

Enough rant. I'm gettin' ready for another post...adios

Anonymous said...

To Anon #1 - how could Eric run if his Council term isn't up? And how did Kris Reeder end up with a bad reputation just for campaigning with Ben and Casey? None of the others would give up their seats to run because it would assanine to do so - they ran for Council to have a SAY in the city matters, not to just attend open houses and smile for the camera. Granted the mayor does more than that, but the Councilmen ran for their positions for a reason. Why put them down for wanting to stay there? That's a smart idea. And how do you know "this guy" as you referred to him was convinced by anyone (Ben or otherwise) to run? Can't someone just honestly have a genuine interest in running for a public position in this town without everyone jumping to conclusions?

Instead of urging Mr. Smith to "be his own man" and run for the all-coveted position of FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN MAYOR IN RED OAK TEXAS...why not be your own man and run?! Or is your blood not fresh enough?

Anonymous said...

So I'm just curious about something - what are the requirements for running for Mayor? Do you have to own a house within the city limits? I'm asking because there was a former city employee that picked up an election packet but doesn't own a house here in town. I would have been interested in seeing his campaign but it looks like he won't be able to run from what I have heard.

Anonymous said...

I find it funny how Alan is not suppose to be linked to Ben, but we have all seen him at Whataburger several times with Ben and even saw a picture of him and Steve with Ben. So please explain to me how they are not linked to each other. No one is saying that he is not a nice guy, but don't try to blow smoke up my a$$ and tell me that he has no ties with Ben. Just be honest and say it. I thought we were looking for someone who is honest and has our best interest in mind.
And from what I have heard of the others running, it will just end up being the lesser of two evils, just like when we got stuck with Ben again. He only won, because people did not want a "Little" on board, not because Ben is such a good and honest person.
It should not matter what side of town the new Mayor is from, it should matter what they are going to do for us. And so what if they own land or know someone who does as long as the new structures going up will help benefit Red Oak.
At least the taxes from the new business will go here, unlike Ben who won't bring his business here.
I guess Red Oak is not good enough for his business.
Anyways, let the lesser of two evils win.

jerry said...

kYa'll must think Ben and Casey have alot of power over people.
To have them in their back pocket.

Beleave me Alan does not beleave in the same vision as Ben Or Casey.
Some of what their vision is for Red OAK IS GREAT some not so. But Alan has a good vision for our town.

Give him a chance, Before you judge him!!

Steve Miller said...

Guess we'll find out Friday who is and who is NOT going to run. The below comment is indicative of the mentality of it's ok to make money from inside information, it's only a little bit, it's ok to be able to use an elected office to benefit one's bank account-the Congress does that all the time right? (Jefferson's 90K in his freezer comes to mind) and its ok to divide a city into us and them as has been done for the past 10 years.

If that's ok with you, vote for the other person. If doing things the right way is really your goal, vote for Alan Hugley. He IS the right guy for the job, not in anyone's pocket.

Anon wrote:
And so what if they own land or know someone who does as long as the new structures going up will help benefit Red Oak.
At least the taxes from the new business will go here,

Anonymous said...

I have learned through reading this blog that a lot of people dislike Todd Little, because his dad reportedly benefited from doing business with the city during Todd's terms in office. I have also read that the deals which were made were mutually beneficial both to the city and to Todd's father. My question is, since the mayor has no vote, which council members signed off on these deals, and why are they not being held accountable if these dealings were wrong? Also, I have learned through this blog that Ben, Casey, and Eric used to be allied politically with Todd. At what point did this cease to be the case?

lisa said...

Anonymous Said: unlike Ben who won't bring his business here.
I guess Red Oak is not good enough for his business.

Ben does not own a Business. His ex- wife owns the Business now. She just keep the name the same.
Ben had the business at his home in Red Oak before the divorce. Get your facts right before you start running you mouth!!! Yea Alan knows Ben And Casey. Thats not a crime!!! Alan also knows Eric, Scott and Andy. He also knows many bourd members. So you must think he is in their pockets to.
Just because you know Ben, Casey does not make you a bad person.

Alan is the best choice for Red Oak!! Vote for him Oct. 16th

Kellie said...

I'm back in politics in the paper, Steve. Rest assured I'll be digging into EVERYONE who runs.

Steve Miller said...

Which paper? Did you outlast Eric? :<) I'll drink to that (:<0

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, the Little bashers can't answer your questions, because they don't have any logical or factual basis for what they are saying. They are just motivated by blind hatred.

Steve Miller said...

Hatred? Hatred of what? The Littles or their BS? There is definitely a difference.

One doesn't have to dislike (I don't hate) a person for their personal life but can dislike (again I don't hate)a person's choices and their ramifications upon others.

Nice try on re-stirring the pot. That dog don't hunt.

Vote for Alan Hugley-He's the best choice for mayor

Joey Dauben said...

I have a hard time believing that those backing Hugley will win over the Todd Little supporters. Just the responses on this post alone will prove that the mayoral election will be Round 2 of the Goodwyn-Dawn Little run-off.

East vs. West with I-35 as the Berlin Wall.

You know, this can't be good for the Red Oak Area Chamber marketing efforts. Though one look at those street signs with the RO logo and colors would make me think, "hmm, wow, this town really is kinda neat."

Now if they'd just get a good football team...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Steve, it's one thing to rant. It's another thing to answer specific questions. Did Ben, Casey, and Eric ally themselves with Mayor Little before or after he did the horrible things you claim he did? And what role did the Council play in doing those horrible things? And exactly what were the horrible things?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when Ben's term as mayor pro tem runs out?

Anonymous said...

To answer your question, Anon, Ben's term ran out in May of this year.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Ben still acting like he is the mayor pro tem?

Anonymous said...

Joey is the only person I have ever heard describe Red Oak's situation as an east side versus west side issue. I'm afraid that, unfortunately, it goes much deeper than that.

Anonymous said...

Steve, you talk about the Littles' "BS" and how you dislike their "choices and their ramifications upon others." What BS and choices do you mean?

Sherry said...

The first time you have heard Red Oak describe as a situation like eastside vs westside issue.
Where have you been??? Must have had your head in some dark hole or up someone's A**. Not sure where you have been, But there has been a East vs. West every since Todd was mayor and had control over Ken. Anytime you have a ex-mayor that is allowed in a secured area of city hall and leaning on the election box in the election his wife was in. That in its self should tell you he had to much control over city hall and the old city manager (Ken P)

Anonymous said...

Ben has done a great job as the acting mayor. His term does not end untill next may.

Steve Miller said...

You asked for the BS and implications upon other people...let's roll...

1. Using tax supported funds to subsidize commercial building projects.

Implications? Look in your paid part of the bill. No one ever asked the question formally because the Mayor and former city manager were tied at the hip. City staff were intimidated to the point of silence.

2. The ongoing commercial turf battle for new business concerns between the "main area"(Old Town) and the area by the Church of Red Oak (you know the name). The Littles own a ton of property there and stand to gain plenty if the council grants the infrastructue concessions to build in the area. Control of the council means this area gains it's infrastructure and then the profits start rolling in. So far, the southwestern quadrant has remained relative vacant.
Taxpayers foot the bill again for infrastructure improvements while others make big bucks.

Sound familiar yet? Who pays? The tax payer. Who gains...certainly NOT the tax payer.

Politically dividing the city for years between East/West-Pro Little-Con-Little
This divide and conquer strategy worked until Eric, Ben, Casey and Andy said NO MAS. The rest was recent it in the Record
A politically divided populace is easy to snooker. That's been happning here for years with the above results.

The Fake Support Card? I'm not kicking that dog anymore. It was a shot in the foot for the Littles.
People began to look under the rocks and not like what they saw. They actually saw things as they were and voted accordingly.

BS? Yeah...Blind Hate? Nah...I've been taught better than that. Don't hate anyone. I just think it's high time all this crap ceases
and Red Oak walks together. That's why Alan Hugley is the candidate of choice for mayor. He is the "neutral" candidate with no baggage. He's the right guy for the job

Anonymous said...

Steve, I appreciate your definitive answers. However, you seem to be overlooking the fact that a mayor has no vote in city matters. (except in the case of a tie) Therefore, all the things to which you are attributing Mayor Little had to be done by the councilmen. How did your favorite councilmen vote on these things? As to the "divide" between east and west, I hardly ever cross 35 to the west and I saw plenty of "Dawn" signs in my part of town. How could the Littles divide the town geographically if they wanted to? As to any "turf battle" between differnt parts of town, why shouldn't every part of town be encouraged to develop? Some kinds of development are more appropriate for one area and some for another. Does it have to be either/or? Should not decisions like these be made according to what benefits the town, without regard to which property owners stand to gain the most? You know how the saying goes about capitalism making the pie bigger for everyone! And why the hesitancy to call the Oaks Fellowship by its name, as though there is something sinister about it? They and Life School have benefited the community immensely in my opinion. Among other things, they have brought in many wholesome law abiding and taxpaying families. You still haven't answered the question as to whether your favorite councilmen joined forces with Todd before or after he did all of these terrible things. And if they voted to aid and abet Todd in his nefarious deeds, let's string them up, too. Sans hatred, of course!

Anonymous said...

Whoever said that Ben's term as mayor pro tem goes till next May is mistaken. He was appointed from May 2006 to May 2007. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

Steve, Alan is not neutral and you know it. Didn't someone say they saw him in Ben's victory picture, along with you and the rest of the boys? He was also seen helping Casey with his vote counting. There was a time in the not so distant past when you yourself were posing as a neutral "newbie."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So Sherry thinks Todd was given special access to the election box. What kind of country does she think we have, to allow former mayors access that you, I, or Sherry don't have? If a law was broken, where were the law enforcers? Blind hatred really makes people sound stupid!

Steve Miller said...

anon wrote:
You still haven't answered the question as to whether your favorite councilmen joined forces with Todd before or after he did all of these terrible things.

My favorite councilmen don't live in Red Oak...they're from the Dallas city political scene and are retired now.

You're asking the wrong person to answer the question you posed. You'll have to ask Ben, Casey or Eric that question. I think all may give you an answer...may not be what you want to hear but it will be an an answer. My personal observation is that these guys had enough of the internal status quo, banded together and said "no mas". The voters agreed with them at election time.

I'm definitely not anti-growth but am definitely anti-influence peddling to get one's property improved at taxpayer's expense THEN making money on it when it's developed. That dog don't hunt.

I see I've struck a nerve about the Church of Red Oak. I call it that because it IS that. Nothing sinister implied at all. Frankly I couldn't care less. I don't go there but a huge percentage of residents do. Hence, Church of Red Oak. I'm not going to go back and forth about it. Again, couldn't care less. The church benefits the community, does good things with kids and all nauseum. I don't go there as stated before.

Steve Miller said...

Anon wrote:
"There was a time in the not so distant past when you yourself were posing as a neutral "newbie."

In the not so distant past I was a neutral newbie. I spoke with many more persons than just the Anti Christs of Red Oak (Ben and Casey), made a decision to learn more by being part of the electoral system, and got involved in the local city government thing. I understand the rules down here now and how polarized the system is between pro-anti forces. It was dysfunctional and the voters changed it.
That's why I'm backing Alan Hugley for Mayor. You should definitely give HIM a call or drop him an email if you want to know more about how he thinks. I can't put thoughts in his head nor words in his mouth. You have to take the initiative to call/write him.

Steve Miller said...


First of all, please don't type in all caps, it's a poor use of netiquitte.

Todd had the city manager so far up his arse that he had two heads. Todd's non vote didn't count but his and his daddy's influence certainly did. He's ancient history now. Move on...quit for Alan Hugley for Mayor. Drop him a line and find out where he stands. You'll definitely get a breath of fresh air and coupled with the new CM and PD Chief, Red Oak will finally move forward in a professional manner and grow as it should.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Steve says that Todd and his father had enough influence to control the way the members of the council voted. Is he saying they were afraid of losing their kneecaps or what? As for "moving on" from these kinds of questions, in my view, the only time to stop discussing them is when they cease to have a bearing on today's issues.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying Todds daddy bought ben, casey, scott,eric, and autry votes. Better tread these water easy Mr. Miller. Todd or the City Manager did not have a vote. The Council is set up to vote and make that choice. Ken could have jumped up and down if he wanted to. But the choice is councils and most of the time council voted 5 to 0 to approve. I was there. Get you facts straight and i dont work for the city. The person on this page is right to say Council did make those choices and Ben and Casey were very good friends with Mayor Little at the time. They help what ever they are gripping about happen. As far as the two sides of town against each other. Casey lives in town by the Police Department not by Ben. I dont like peolpe who mislead People to help their cause. Ben is not truthful and our town is believing what is told when the truth is there to be found. Dont believe what others tell you because it is easier. Go to city hall and ask to look at things and how they were voted on and by who. Seek the truth for your self. If the Littles did something wrong then Ben and Casey helped them do it. But you will find that all of this is just a way to stir the pot for more votes. People believe the negative before the positave even if the truth is in their face.

Anonymous said...

It is one thing to dislike the Littles. But is another to say God's house is corrupt. May God have mercy on you soul. I do not attend church at the Oaks. But I do attend church in Red Oak. Maybe Mr. Miller you need to pray about these issue to God and he will help you with them. This is not a remark to make fun of you but one i hope will help you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Steve, if you discovered that your favorite Red Oak councilmen had switched positions on some things for the sake of political expediency, would it have any effect on your support for them?

Steve Miller said...

Give a shot and let's see... :<)

Steve Miller said...

As a follow up and to throw a little gas on the fire(like it needs it). Ben Little's two disputed projects (the southwest corner of I35-ovilla road, and where their commreical buildings are on Ovilla and methodists) were both voted and approved by EDC (on the highway) and IDC (on Ovilla) boards and those boards ONLY. Both projects were paid for by 4A and 4B sales taxes which means that those boards are the only ones who approve that money, The Council never did.

Oh by the way, it was a previous council and one that neither of the two Anti-Christs of Red Oak were on that allowed this kind of stuff to go on.

The anti-Little crowd should cry foul and rightly point to the fact
that a majority of both of those boards were populated by Todd's immediate neighbors.

And people wonder why folks really don't care for Little politik?

Steve Miller said...

No comment to the anon comment about God having mercy on my soul but thanks for the post anyway.

Steve Miller said...

Who is Smiley? Some guy named Smiley filed for the Mayoral race today. Never heard of the guy...any info would be appreciated.


Sherry said...

Yea, Jeff Smith himself saw Todd In a secured area of city hall and leaning on the election box in the last election his wife was in.
CK it out Ask him yourself!

No ex mayor or councilmen or city worker should have that much control over city hall or the people whoo work their.

What about this deal that Todd and his dad had called 1st opp. Do you know much about it?? I beleave if you do a Little digging you will find out about this to.

Anyone who has an agreement with the city that they get 1st opp to by any land in Red Oak over others. Now thats control over the city!!

Smiley is a Ex-employee who I heard from current employees caused a lot of trouble! Thats why he no longer works for Red Oak. Plus he does not own a home or land here.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Steve, let's get things straight. You say that the council didn't have to approve the property deals. Somehow the IDC board and the EDC board had the authority to do all of this without the council's approval(?) Then you turn around and say that the council allowed it. It seems to me that "approve" and "allow" mean pretty much the same thing. Regardless of that, can we agree that it wasn't just Todd who approved/allowed it? Oh, but you say, this was a previous council from the one Ben and Casey served on. Okay, so they joined forces with Todd after this and they all became a political team together. In so doing, they were approving of his mayoral track record. Now they are letting themselves become the poster boys for disapproving his tenure in office. That is exhibit A to prove that they change positions for the sake of political expediency. I may give you exhibit B later, however since you would not commit to letting it affect your backing of them, I won't bother for now.

Amy Hedtke said...

Wow! well, I'm still relatively new to Red Oak, so i can't say much about the Us vs Them mentality --I've never even met the Littles. I *have* met a few of the people on City Council and spoken w/ Andy a bit about the whole Little deal. No details, just a quick overview, so I'm still catching up on Red Oak politics. I am a mere alternate on the Parks and Rec board, but love helping out in my new community.

What I *can* say is that since I know Alan Hugley personally --i live down the road and our kids play together-- he is NOT in anyone's back pocket. He is an honest, hardworking guy just trying to be deeply involved in his community. Yes, he was involved in Ben's campaign, but that's because at the time he was campaigning to have some representation *from his area* --as most people would try to do. He didn't think about trying his hand at Mayor until after Bryce resigned. I was in a picture w/ Andy Bell --does that put me in HIS pocket? hardly.

Alan is a dedicated public servant -- he is not afraid to go door to door on an issue and spend a lot of personal time speaking w/ others. I have listened to him explore all sides of an issue to find positive aspects where he can. I have been very impressed w/ his cool head and easy-going demeanor: he's the kind of guy that will tell it like he sees it and wants everyone in Red Oak to know what's going on.

I know Alan, his wife, and their 3 kids to be honest, courteous, and not falling into backbiting:

IF you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:

*THAT* -ladies and gentleman-- is Alan Hugley.
He is a man that I am proud to call a friend, and a Man that is worthy of being Mayor of Red Oak.

Anonymous said...

Well it looks like the puppet master (Todd) is at it again!!
Todd's Neighbor Dan Dotson who has only lived here for about 1 1/2 years file to run for mayor.

Todd just can't keep his hands out of it. Todd and him are friends. So I guess that puts Dan in Todds back pocket.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to tip Joey Dauben off about Ben "overstaying his visa" as mayor pro tem.

CM said...

What about this lets take all this Energy and make a positive difference in our Community. There are many things that need to be done in Red Oak. Like getting the new fire station up and running, getting a senior center for are elderly, Getting a ball park built for our kids. Getting roads like sunflower, Pansey and butterfly replaced. And most of all more Economic development in Red Oak (To lessen the tax burden on home owners). Like I said lots to do!! Lets talk about ways to Achieve this! Not about all this other crap.

Josh said...

The Ex mayor Todd and the old city manager candy coated alot of things and blind sided the council.
Ken P. and Todd have always been good about painting a pretty picture that looks like a mona lisa, But was no more than a Pre kindergartners drawing. Take the budget BS Ken was trying to feed the council for example.

But the council and citizens have wised up. Thats why Ken is gone and Dawn is not on the council

Larry said...

What do you mean tip joey off about BEN. IF you have somthing to say why don't you Tip us all off on your info. while your at it be brave enough to put your name on here. Funny how the few that have something to say bad about Ben, Casey or the rest of them is not brave enough to put their name on here. Get some Balls!!!

Steve Miller said...

I'm ready to see some position points from the new candidates.

I KNOW for what Alan stands.

I'm assuming Hodson will have something similar but who knows at this point given city politics in Red Oak.

I don't know ANYTHING about the candidate named Smiley.

Perhaps the print rags would put on a set of candidate debates. That would be a good thing and would allow the voters to see/hear from all the candidates.

How 'bout it Red Oak Record, Ellis County Chronicle, Ellis County Press? You all could sponsor this and take partial credit. We'd all benefit! Now THAT'S a win-win. :<)

Anonymous said...

Josh, you said that Todd and Ken "candy coated things and blind sided the council." This is a real slam to the intelligence of the councilmen, let alone the voters who elected them. Can you be more specific about how Todd and Ken were able to do this?

Anonymous said...

HMMMMMMMMM, I wonder how many Larry's there are in the're really brave and have some really big balls there Larry to put your first name on here, but guess the balls aren't too big or you would put your last name too. Gimme a break and shut up. If you don't want to read what anonymous wrote, don't get on here. There is no rule saying that you have to put your name on here, and how do we know that you are really Larry? Anyone can put any name on here. You must be really bored if that is the only thing you have to gripe about.

Anonymous said...

Well, Alan if you are reading this, I hope that this sinks in. I hope for your sake that no one from the OAKS is reading this, because you will probably lose votes just for the crap Steve has said about the church and it's members. He sure is pulling for you, but he is pissing a lot of people off and attaching your name to almost every blog comment. You are known for the company you keep and sometimes that comes back to hurt you. I hope that you don't share the same feelings and opinions about the Oaks and it's members as your friend Steve does.
You seem like a nice enough man, but I won't be voting for you if you share the same feelings as Steve.

Steve Miller said...

Anon wrote:
"I hope that you don't share the same feelings and opinions about the Oaks and it's members as your friend Steve does."

I won't justify your pathetic post with an answer.

CM said...

I can assure you that Alan does not feel the same way about the oaks or any other church. Steve’s views are his own. Please do not judge Alan or anyone else because of another’s views.
Alan is his own man, and has his own views

Anonymous said...

Alan, were you for or against the school bond? I know Ben was for it, probably Casey, too.

Anonymous said...

If Joey Dauben knew that there was a question as to whether Ben is acting illegally as mayor pro tem, I don't believe he would run from the issue.

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting on Josh to give me the details about how the former council got snookered by Todd Little.

Anonymous said...

Here are the facts about Ben being mayor pro tem: Mayor Bryce appointed Ben to a one year term beginning May 2006. After Ben's term ran out, Mayor Bryce appointed Scott Lindsey as mayor pro tem. Ben, Casey, and Eric voted this down. Then Ben took back over. Why the Red Oak Record, the Ellis County Press, and the Ellis County Observer are covering this up is beyond me. I welcome the city attorney to show me where I am mistaken about any of this.

Anonymous said...

Joey, I got so carried away in my last post that I made a serious mistake. I didn't mean to say that the Ellis County Observer was covering anything up. I meant to say the Ellis County Chronicle. Please accept my apology.

erb said...

I just got back from attending church at the Oaks Fellowship. I'm not a member there, but I'm all for them, as well as the other wonderful churches around here!

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on Steve, please respond to my pathetic post...we are all waiting to see what kind of burn you want to give me. You are always so good with some kind of really mature response. You know that you want to. And for CM or aka chris moses, you might want to give your friend Alan some advice...tell his buddy Steve to tone it down a little bit, because his opinions are being tied to him when he is out campaigning for him.
And I can tell you right now, there is a lot of buzzing going on around the churches right now about how Steve is a "hater" when it comes to churches and people worshiping the Lord. And there are a lot more of us "Bible Thumpers" around here that vote, then those who don't. Just something to think about.

And Steve, I am really glad that you no longer work for ROISD, because we don't need people with your lack of maturity and your negative attitude teaching the children that are going to be our future. God help the kids you are teaching...just what district would that be?

And I will be looking forward to that response to my pathetic post, can't wait to see how your kids help you come up with something good, because we all know that you could not come up with something soooooo blowing on your own. LOL. I think you are the only one who thought it was pathetic, because you know it was true when it comes to your neg. opinion going back to hurt Alan's election. Obviously CM thought so as well or he would not be so quick to post about not judging Alan for your views.
I will be waiting for the burn. How long will it take you? Show everyone how good at it you are.

erb said...

Anonymous said that Steve has the reputation for hating churches and church people. I have heard the same about Ben, too. However, as a Christian, I still love these men and pray for them. One thing I have to say about Steve- he has always published my posts no matter how tough I was on him (I never meant any of it to be personal), so my hat is off to him for that!

CM said...

Anonymous said: And for CM or aka chris moses, you might want to give your friend Alan some advice...tell his buddy Steve to tone it down a little bit, because his opinions are being tied to him when he is out campaigning for him.

I know most people know what CM or CSM stands for. If you did not figure it out before, I am glad you figured it out also.

Yea I hope that no one truly beleaves that one mans opinion is the opinion of anothers. We all have differant views about things. Thats what makes us human!

But do not think that becauses someone talks to Ben G, Steve Miller, Todd Little, Ron B etc. that they agree with thier views.

As I said Alan is his own man and does not share the same exact views as Steve or anyone else for that matter.

As I Said before: Lets talk about ways to get some things down in our town!! No this crap

Anonymous said...

A man only has to beleave in god. You should not judge them if they choose to go to chruch. God says himself that you should not judge anyone.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say: A man only has to beleave in god. You do not have to go to church to worship the lord. You should not judge anyone if they choose not to go to chruch. God said himself that you should not judge anyone.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe anyone on this page is passing judgement for not going to church. The person passing judgement is Mr. Miller on the Churches of Red Oak and those who attend them.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you say that a person only has to believe in God. Doesn't the devil believe in God?

Mary said...

His name is Dan HODSON (not Dan Dotson) - From what I understand, it is actually going to be a refreshing race - both Hugley and Hodson like and respect each other and WANT a "mudsling - free" election. Now THAT says a lot about the candidates. Stick to the issues and move Red Oak forward rather than deal with "Who did what" and "Who's in who's back pocket". Good for them, and good for Red Oak.

After looking at both websites, they seem to agree on a lot of issues. It looks like the decision for the voters will be either to vote for the man with "history" here in Red Oak (Hugley), or the man who knows business and can run our town the way he runs the multi-million dollar company he manages. Sounds like you can't go wrong either way. But I think I'll vote for the businessman in the hopes that he'll use his business influences to bring in more business and get this town up and running.

Anonymous said...

Someone wants to know if the devil believes in God. Well, why don't you ask him- he runs this blog!(just kidding)

Steve Miller said...

Thanks for the back handed compliment. :<)

I'll make sure to wear my horns and tail get-up the next time I go to Junior's for BBQ. :<)

Danny said...

Hodson has no history here in Red Oak or Texas for that matter. He just moved here from out of state about 1 year ago. He has never been on any boards or Committees that have to do with the city. The only thing he has going for him is that he is Todd Littles neighbor.

Alan on the other hand has been on the Committee to search for the new city manager, Which has already given Alan an advantage because he has already worked with this new city manager. He has also been on the Planning and Zoning board. And most of all Alan is a native Texan that was raise just north of Red Oak in Lancaster, TX.

Vote for the local native Texan who has shown leadership and experience in our city.

Anonymous said...

So it's a crime to be neighbors with someone now? First it's bad to be related, then to go to church with them, and now to live next door. What is this town coming to? You people are just a bunch of haters. I won't hold it against him for who his neighbor is, if he has good ideas. Just like Alan does not want us to hold it against him for knowing Steve.
And could someone explain to me what Steve is talking about when he says he is going to wear his horns into Jr's he advertising for them now?