Saturday, August 25, 2007

ROISD Bloodletting Continues And We're Paying For IT! source was right, Dr. Broughton, Sarah Litrell-La Puma-whatever (Tech Director-jeez...I got out of ROISD just in time-my old job), four contractors (figure the contracted tech staff) and 12 vacant positions (just not staffed) were axed. The district's hatchet guys went to a short term line of credit to not put a hit on the fund balance. It needs to be approximately 12.5% of overall budget to stay within state requirements. Great gnashing of teeth was reported about not being able to raise taxes. That's patently bull crap. The board ok'd, supported and hyped a 95Million dollar guaranteed tax increase via property valuation increases/school taxes. Don't get snookered on this one folks. Here's the real deal...instructional services and infusion of technology in your child's classes are being shortchanged by a budget shortfall caused by a previous finance assistant superintendent. Your taxes WILL go up to cover the costs of construction but there's a catch....positions will not be filled to cover classes in that construction (go figure-edu-economics at work), the new superintendent brings in his own technology staff and we get tapped on the shoulder again for more money to "support technology" Oh, I forgot, funds for hardware, infrastructure improvements are being paid over the 30 year life of the bond. Hopefully the infrastructure will not age, be obsoleted, still work, be maintained over this life span. I'm illustrating the obvious but you're getting exactly what you asked for when people quit asking questions at ROISD years ago. No accountability nor adequate communication=fiscal chaos.
It's ok's for the kids right?

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