Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Red Oak ISD's R.I.F.-Reduction in Force-You're Outa' Here

Just heard from a friend of mine that long time Assistant Superintendent Miles Broughton has been "riff'd" because of continuing budgetary isssues in the ROISD. This is the first I have heard of this and cannot confirm it. Dr. Broughton was my immediate supervisor for the four years I was at ROISD and is a prime example of a good educator caught up in a change of command structure.
As with any new commander, the new superintendent wants his "own people" in key positions. I bet Dr. B is a little torn up but probably a little relieved to know his professional status. Again, I chide the ROISD board and administration for some particularly CRAPPY timing in this RIF. As was previously posted, school jobs are normally posted in the late spring with summers being utilized for hiring. This superintendent and board made it very difficult for all those "riff-raffees" to be hired by other districts at this late date. Non renewed teachers are told approximately 45 days before the end of school that their services are no longer needed. This superintendent came in to a mess, and started swinging the hatchet.

Please post other central office personnel that will be "RIF'd" if you know them. I'll drop Dr. B a note and see if he will speak with me on this. I doubt it but what's the worst he could possibly tell me. No worse than ANY student has in the past that's for sure

Dr. Broughton did have his faults but was definitely all about positive student performance. He was last of the "Old Regime" at the administrative level that occupied the central office posts since Kay Waggoner was Superintendent.
It's fruit-basket turnover time in ROISD and frankly I'm glad I'm working somewhere else! The true results of poor financial management for years have come home to roost What a "CHARLIE-FOXTROT 101".

Good luck Dr. B in your future endevours

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