Thursday, July 12, 2007

Red Oak Wi-Fi?

One of the agenda items during the last RO City Council meeting was a contract termination for Zyterra re: City Wifi. Whatever happened to that idea and why are we just now terminating that contract? How long was the contract for services? What did it actually entail other than renting "space" on a city water tower for wifi infrastructure.

The whole Zyterra deal in Red Oak has a very interesting history beginning with the company being outsourced by ROISD for technology/network services, becoming a sole service contractor for ROISD , renewal of contract for several years, and finally a deal between the police and city for wifi system that was questionable and not utilized by the city according to statements made in response to the termination of contract agenda discussion.

The last time I checked, former Zyterra employees still could be found in the current organizational chart at ROISD. Just can't seem to get their faces out of the public trough. Hopefully the new "Tech Czar" will re-org the ENTIRE tech department and get our schools back on a road to the 20th century technology wise.

I hope Zyterra had a good run...they took enough of our tax money and are smiling all the way to the bank...also heard their company had been bought out from a council member. (According to a poster...they just changed I know why) Good for them and good for we taxpayers.


Anonymous said...

They were not bought out, they just switched company names. You can ask Mr. Fuller.

Anonymous said...

Zyterra did not rent the tower, therefor the City was losing rental fees from this deal. Secondly, zyterra did not collect money, they did it for free in order to start up their company. where as all other companys wanted to sell the systems to Red Oak. That way Red Oak owns the systems and they would collect $1000's a month for the use of the rental tower.

The Ellis County Observer said...

Steve, perhaps a thing to inform your readers about so that they will have the same tools we do:


Joseph "Joey" Dauben
The Ellis County Observer
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Cell: 972-891-2135 or 972-268-2605

Dec. 21, 2006
Attn: Public Information Officer

Dear Officer for Public Records:
This request is made under the Texas Public Information Act, Chapter 552, Texas Government Code, which guarantees the public's access to information in the custody of governmental agencies. I respectfully request a copy of the the following information:
(1) A copy and/or copies of a document that show every attorney employed in the county attorney's office (first, last name, title or rank) or employees with the title of "attorney" and
(2) how much in yearly salary, commission, etc. said attorneys make;

In the interest of expediency, and to minimize the research and/or duplication burden on your staff, I would be pleased to personally examine the relevant records if you would grant me immediate access to the requested material (exception due to traveling conflicts). Additionally, and since time is a factor, please communicate with me by telephone and e-mail rather than by mail. My telephone number is: 972-891-2135 or
Disclosure of this information is in the public interest because providing a copy of the information primarily benefits the general public. I therefore request a waiver of all fees and charges pursuant to Section 552.267 of the act.
I shall look forward to hearing from you promptly, as specified in the law. Thank you for your cooperation.

Joseph "Joey" Dauben
The Ellis County Observer

Just change up the information though.

Ali A. Akbar said...

Very concerning...

Steve Miller said...

It's business as usual for ROISD...why should it not be the same for the city? It is a matter of leadership...under Pfiefer, there was little leadership and a lot of tyrannical behavior. Hopefully the new city manager has half a brain and will treat his/her employees like humans again. Once this happens, everything else will fall into place IMHO