Friday, June 22, 2007

Who Gets To Be On The Search Committee?

Just musing and was wondering how the Council will build their "citizen's committee" to facilitate the interview process for the new City Manager? I'd sure like to know the criteria of how a citizen is "picked" or "not picked" for this committee. It would be interesting to see how much "politik" is played between the Councilpersons to ensure "their person" is on that committee.

I'll write a letter to the editors of the local print rags and see if they'll print it and perhaps the Councilpersons would respect the electorate that put them in office enough to respond publicly. If not, it sounds like a "Citizens Speak" question at the next Council meeting for me.

Anyone else wanna' jump in on this and see how transparent (OR NOT) our "city fathers" are after the Night of the Butter Knives on Tuesday.

It's about the transparency of the process Virginia!

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