Saturday, June 23, 2007

Persistent Questions-Will The Good Ole' Boys Do Us Another Favor Again?

I've read several previous Blog postings and received more than a couple of emails from persons asking if Casey, Ben and Eric are going to reinstate the "good ole' boy system" that was in play previously during Pfieifer's and several other person's tenures?

Are these guys going to put their "good buddies" back into power in the form of Bertrand as PW Director and Coppock as Chief of Police? This is a persistent concern from responders on other Blogs and via several emails to me.

It would be rather interesting to see if the acting City Manager (Todd Fuller) and Lt. Snell hire Coppock back would most likely be his old position right? From what I gather from reading other Blogger responders, hiring Bertrand back as PW Director would be political suicide for anyone connected with managing city affairs in Red Oak.

What would be the fallout of this hiring other than proving to the anti-Goodwyn, Hargrove and Smith folks that they were right all along and I among many others was a stupid chump or politically naive?

Does any of this really matter and why should it? What should happen to the persons involved? I "sense" a HUGE recall of the newly re-elected councilpersons. What say you?

Just Some Good Ole' Boys...


Anonymous said...

Charley Bertrand was fired about 1 year ago. Employees who are fired are usually not re-hirable.
People I can assure you that Charley is not going to be rehired as the public work director.

Tom was not fired; he resigned a few months ago. If an employee does resign then they are eligible for re-hire. But that is up to the HR dir and the City manager, The council does not hire anyone but the City Manager.

So lets stop all the BS right here!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

No comments here. Crowd got really quite. Hit a nerve with the Ben camp.

Steve Miller said...

Crowd got really quite what?

What nerve was hit? I'm curious.

It would appear to me that the "Ben camp" (whatever that is) is watching the fallout hit the ground and actually getting back to work, life, apple pie, etc. after last week's events.

Anonymous said...

Well maybe that stopped all the BS!