Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mayor Bryce Resigns

Mayor Bryce resigned today. It was not a surprise to this Blogger. It is clear that he could not be effective after the defeat of the Mayor Pro-Tem nomination and subsequent dismissal of the City Attorney and City Manager.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the next several weeks bring. Hopefully we've turned a corner in Red Oak and the good ole' boy system is dead.

Here's the letter's contents:

Mrs. Judy Grant and City Council Members,

I respectfully submit my resignation as Mayor of Red Oak.

Working for the citizens of Red Oak has been one of the highest honors of my life. But I have no hope of being an effective leader for the remainder of my term in office. I do however want to continue serving the community wherever possible as a private citizen.

Thanks to the city council members and the entire city staff. But most of all I want to thank the people of Red Oak who entrusted me as their mayor for this period of time. My heart's desire continues to be for the people and families that make up our community.

May God richly bless you,
Ron Bryce, M.D.


APW said...

I don't about you but quiters never win! That says a whole lot about how much he actually does care about Red Oak. I see your lips moving but all I hear is "Blah, Blah, Blah" (With some sniffeling in between). That's as bad as one of Scott's pre-prepared speeches! It looks like the Empire is falling apart people!!


Anonymous said...

Well I just hope that your new found friends are smarter than they look, so they can figure out how to run the city correctly. I know that they think they can, but we really don't need people who cheat on their wife, depend on their daddy, and play the race card when they don't get their way. And I am sure we all know who I am talking about. And heaven forbid that Tom is allowed back into the city. We got rid of that back stabber once, don't be dumb enough to trust him again. Go ask the ROPD officers if you need any questions answered about him. But I guess he is only wanting what was promised to him, JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. It's a sad day in Red Oak when you have the three stooges, a man of emotions, and one that can't talk for himself running the city.

Steve Miller said...

Methinks you should run for Mayor now and rein in these guys if they're really this corrupt. Here's your chance to make a difference. Think you can handle it? Give it a go...

Sammy said...

I for one can tell you Ben did not cheat on his wife! Yes they are divorced but she chose to leave him. They are still good friends and support each other in what ever they do. I also know she even helped with his re-election and voted for him. I am sorry but if your spouse cheated on you. You darn sure would not still be close friends and help with there campaign.
You are getting your info from the wrong person.

As for Casey yea he works for his dad, so what there are a lot of good companies that are father and son business. That’s what America is built on. Toddie works for his Daddy also, and Dawn works for her husband. So I guess you are saying that Toddie and Dawn depend on Todd’s dad. You better think again!

As for Eric: Yea I do not like it when someone plays the race card.
But if you really knew the facts you would understand. In some cases it is about race! And some times it is justified.

The Ellis County Observer said...

I just find this latest news unbelievable.

Mayor Bryce and I have discussed pro-life issues and things, and it just really pains me to see him resign. Regardless of whether or not you agree with him, the mayor is simply a figurehead, someone who controls the direction and flow of the meetings, and cuts ribbons. That's pretty much it.

It's unfortunate that it has come to this, though. It's a sad, sad day for Red Oak. It truly is.

-Joey Dauben

Anonymous said...

Sammy, I never mentioned any names when I said what I did. Why would you think I was talking about them?
I would be careful putting names with rumors, that is how people get sued for slander and etc.
And I don't ever think playing the race card is good, just stand up for what you believe in and let it be that, you don't have to mention the color or lack of color in your skin to make a point if you are right.
Why don't you tell us what is going on, if we don't understand. Make me a believer and show me proof, not just a lot of "blah, blah, blah".

APW said...

You know mrs. anon, (I assume you to be female because no real man would say things like that and not tell us who you are.) obviously you know me. It is also obvious that you only have a single source for all the lies you have believed. I really am not trying to be rude but your apparent ignorance and blind following of group of people that you really know nothing about causes me to be concerned for you ma’am. As far as asking the ROPD, what are you going to ask them? They all fear for their jobs! HELLO! McFLY!!! (Well, they did till yesterday, but I digress….) If it is not too late, put the cup down and step away from the COOL-AID!! Your councilmen are willing to talk to you. Then, hey hear is an idea, instead of spreading gossip, go check out the facts for your self. BTW, (By the Way, for those of you from the dark side), we are still waiting on some of those facts that were asked for a few bloggs back………..


Steve Miller said...

The only facts are:

1. Dawn Little lost

2. Ben and Casey won

3. City Attorney gone

4. City Manager gone

5. Mayor gone

6. Eric Smith kicked ARSE on Tuesday AGAIN

7. Scott Lindsey's pissed at me for poking fun at him on the blog

8. Little Toddie wants to be mayor again and a sizable percentage of Red-Oakians don't want him

9. Ben Goodwyn's on a lot of people's crap list for being the Antichrist of Red Oak. Has anyone seen his head spin or seen him spit green bile? Any cattle mutilations? Bet Ben was behind that too! :<)

10. The sun will rise in the morning

11.Nothing is certain but death and taxes...a lot of taxes if you voted for the school bond AND the county bond (chumps)

Anonymous said...

Well, APW. I can tell that you are young, dumb and full of ****. And you and Steve watch way too much tv and movies. You obviously can not think of lines for yourself, so you have to qoute movie lines and tv shows. And you know what they say about assuming, or maybe you don't. Let steve tell you. And for someone that is soooooooooooo smart, Kool aid is with a "K" not a "C". But since you are not cool, you would not know that.

What answers are you still waiting for? I don't believe you asked me anything.

And since you like to use intials so much... I have something for you

I appreciate your concern for me, but I, unlike the stooges, don't follow anyone around. I leave that job for you, Chris, Kris, Steve and the rest of you that have nothing better to do.
See you around....

Anonymous said...

Steve, you seem a little ticked when you talk about school taxes, is it because you got ran off from ROISD?

APW said...

That pretty much sums it up Steve.


Brenda said...

Anon #2 regardless of what you believe or heard Red Oak is not full of dummies. Dah Ben is divorced, Casey works for his Dad and Eric is Black. It did not take a rocket scientist to figure out whom you were trying stir crap up about.

Anonymous said...

Here's another fact for you:

Our taxes are now paying for 2 qualified people's severance well as paying for the search for their well as paying for their replacements' salaries (yeah, thanks for that one, boys!)

As for Scott Lindsey - he has been the only person TRULY representing us. He has been PREPARED - those "speeches" you ridicule him of are the only things that have been said PROFESSIONALLY, and with education and correct grammar (the "I done told you" and "binness" - aka "business" - phrases certainly represented our city well as far as education goes - and the grumbling curse words were filled with professionalism - NOT!) Scott was poised and stated his arguments carefully and well thought out so that there were no regrets from him - hence the "speech" you blast him for. (Call me ignorant, but I prefer the speech, thank you.) So, he truly was the only one to fully think of we, the people, when he spoke.

Side note - I read on here somewhere that the council was not swayed by him and neither was the audience. when the audience was applauding Lindsey for his "television/rhetoric" comment, did you honestly think that was the audience not being swayed? And the heavy sighs and groans over Ken's firing and his standing ovation as he left - was that us not being swayed as well? If not, then you must have only considered that tiny handful of people NOT doing those things as the actual audience.

We need to hold each and every council member accountable for their actions lately...I could care less about this immature "Little's people vs. Goodwyn's people" feud. All I care about is the fact that we have a bunch of bickering "men" representing us..."the people of Red Oak"...acting like a bunch of power hungry, unprofessional, uneducated brats (Scott Lindsey aside, of course). Get over it and start doing what we voted on you to do. Serve THE professional and prove to everyone that you are who you promised you'd be during your campaigns.

By the way - this is from someone who isn't in anyone's "pocket" fact, I'm someone who's anti-all of them at this moment. Grow up and MOVE ON, elected officials!

Steve Miller said...

I got run off from ROISD? No I don't think so unless me taking another position and a raise in pay by choice is being run off.

Think what you want...if you think that I was run off, that's misguided thinking. Just didn't happen.

You must have ROISD personnel records I don't have, professional references from people I didn't ask to give, and have a different set of written recommendations plus several years of evaluations from previous supervisors in hand. If you've got them, post them here and I'll publish them gladly. They better be offically from R.O.I.S.D. and verifiable. My attorney would have a field day with that. I'd never have to work again. Cherish the thought... :<)

It's put up or shut up time Anon. The real dope talks and BS walks. Whatcha' got? Don't have anything but "I heard from someone close to the Superintendent", "I overheard at Junior's one day when two Board members were talking", "some people...but I can't say whom...said you were asked to leave (patently BS)". Better leave that crap at home or have a nice set of flame proof underwear. Get ready to have YOUR butt flamed on this blog if you continue down that road.

Oh really need to do better than that to push my G.A.S. button.

I won't be able to change your mind. Don't want to. That's what this blog is all about. Give it your best shot...hope you have thick skin. :<)

Randy said...

I am sorry to tell you this: But I go to a lot of council meetings and I can tell you that Scott my be a good speechwriter and officer he is not that great of a councilman. He is always on the wrong side of everything. Example: When it came time to do away with certain city fee’s ($5 Dog Tag Fee etc) Scott Argued for a while about how wrong it was to do away with them.
He argues makes big speeches all the time about small meaningless things just to make him self-look good

APW said...

Well, there you go folks. You read it here. Maybe I was a little harsh. I’ll try to correct that in the future. =0


Anonymous said...

I can see now why Wal-Mart is afraid to break ground on a new store. Ranch Rodeo City Governments are not top on their list for new stores. We could put this all to bed if the new/old Good Ol' Boys would legalize beer sales. I bet if we looked close enough, Hargrove Reality could dig up some indian land and we could get us a casino too. You never could happen.

But then again the Little's might own it and the 3 in power run off the investors....just like they did Baylor Medical. Talk about lost tax revenue....darn PD might have to write a few more tickets to make up the difference. What a crock...if true will help in a few months to get the petitions signed for removal from office.

Anonymous said...

Anon #7 Let me stop you on that small town rumor right now. I have heard that rumor before on this blog. And it is totally wrong. My Wife works for one of the Vice President in HR at Baylor corporate.
She checked around with many contacts high up in Baylor.
And not one person has ever heard of any thing about any kind of plan to have a hospital here in Red Oak. Nor is there a plan to have one any time in the future. The only thing Baylor had planed was the diagnostic center, which is already here.
Do not believe every little thing you hear unless you know it for sure to be true. Call Baylor corporate yourself and ask about it, I am sure you know how to use a phone.

APW said...

mrs. anon,(you know who you are) let's do get one or two things straight, I will appose Ben, Casey and Eric if given a reason to. To date they are the only ones that have been willing to speak to me and help me investigate public record. As far as Scott, I do think Scott is for the people of RO first. I am not against him in any way. He does need to polish his politics. You are correct, I am poor writer, but you read it! And will everytime. I am also young, dumb and full of what you said. The difference between you and me, you will never admit what you are......and